When will my tickets be issued? - If you book a ticket within a 89 days time frame, we will need 1 business day to process your order and issue a ticket. If you make a reservation more than 89 days before departure, we will send you the ticket as soon as it is available.
Can I cancel my e-ticket? - Cancellation instructions and terms will guide you through the entire process of canceling train tickets purchased through russiantrains.com
Can e-tickets be modified? - Information on how to modify or make changes in your ticket, which ticket types can be modified, how to submit a modification request, as well as e-tickets modification terms.
When booking a Russian train ticket and making the payment, you get an E-ticket. Here in our short video guide, you can find out how to properly read and understand a Russian train ticket.
What is the permitted size and weight of my carry-on luggage? - Each passenger has a right to the following free luggage allowance per one travel ticket briefcases, handbags, photo cameras, and other small items, the total size of which does not exceed 100 cm.
What credit cards do you accept? / Can I use my American Express credit card to pay for the tickets? - We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card and Discover. You can pay with an American Express credit card by using your PayPal account.
What should I do if my payment has failed? - We accept all major credit cards. If the payment has failed, it has failed not on the side of our website, but on the side of the bank. Some online transactions may be blocked by the banks and require authorization.
Can I pay for the ticket with another person’s credit card (my father’s, mother’s, husband’s etc.)? - Surely, you can, unless the transaction is authorised by the card-holder. Please, be informed that in this case we might ask for the documents to verify the transaction.
What is a Visa Invitation? - We provide official Russian visa invitations, a document that is required for applying for a Russian visa. You can add it to your order for just 20 USD per item.
Can I place an order without all travelers’ details given? - It is possible to complete your booking process by selecting an option of providing passenger details later.