St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg train stations
Varshavskiy station
Obvodnogo Kanala emb., 118, St. Petersburg, Russia
Vitebskiy station
Ladozhskiy station
73, Zanevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Moskovsky station
85 Nevsky pr., 191086 , St. Petersburg, Russia
Finlyandsky station
5 Lenin Square, St. Petersburg, Russia
Baltiysky station
120, Nab. Obvodnogo Kanala, St. Petersburg, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg Bus Station
Obvodniy channel embankment, 36, St. Petesburg, Russia
749 km
Riga train station
Riga International Bus Terminal
Prāgas iela 1, Latgales priekšpilsēta, Riga, Latvia

St. Petersburg to Riga Train Information

Is a trip from gorgeous Saint Petersburg to the charming capital of Latvia, Riga, on your agenda? If the answer is positive, you should know that there are several travel options you can choose among to get from St. Petersburg to Riga, including a train. The distance between the cities is about 750 km (466 miles). Generally, the travel time on the route from St. Petersburg to Riga depends on the means of transportation you select and takes from 6 to 16 hours. The other popular choice is taking a bus. The Saint Petersburg - Riga buses are operated by Lux and Ecolines and are well-equipped for a long journey. The majority of them offer to take advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi, all boast air-conditioning, and provide spacious states and big panoramic windows. With Russian Trains, you can book St. Petersburg to Riga bus and train tickets fast and easily, as all it takes is to fill in a few forms with personal data, and voila!

Is there a direct train between Saint Petersburg and Riga?

Yes, there's a direct night train from Saint Petersburg to Riga. The train schedule includes only one daily departure and the ride onboard this night train takes around 16 hours from one city center to the other.

What's better: a train or bus from Saint Petersburg to Riga?

There are several ways to get from Saint Petersburg to Riga, including trains, buses, and planes. In case you are considering the possibility to travel by land transport, we recommend opting for Saint Petersburg to Riga trains as this option provides more facilities and conditions to have a night rest, runs on time, as well as offers great value for the money. Buses, in their turn, depend a lot on the traffic situation, that's why you should be ready for such unpleasant cases as delays and traffic jams, not to mention the long hours spent in border control queues. What's for planes, although the 1 h 30 min flight time might seem alluring at first, make sure to add on the extra hours for reaching the airports, passing security checks, as well as possible flight delays, aside from the higher prices for such a connection on the whole.

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