How to Plan a Train Trip


In order to have a good trip it’s important to plan your journey in advance. With the help of endless number of useful tips for travelling by train any person will be pleased to spend time in such a way.

Step 1. Preparatory work First of all, it’s important to choose the desired destinations, read information about time zones in order not to miss the next train in case of a switch, purchase the tickets and check the date of the trip and the station in order not to miss it and arrive at the station in advance. Take into account the fact that you’ll definitely take some souvenirs from your journey, so leave some space in your luggage for it. Make sure you don’t take prohibited items with you, because for the safety and security of passengers and employees, bags are being checked at every train.

Step 2. Take the train

When you arrive at the station, give way to encumbered passengers, such as people with lots of bags, people with children in strollers and people in wheelchairs, offer them a hand if you can. Finding the right seat on the train is not difficult because seat numbers are written on your ticket and no one is allowed to occupy your seat.

Whether you travel for a short distance or a long one, almost every Russian train has full-service restaurant carriages offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other trains offer snacks, light meals and drinks in a buffet carriage, which is very convenient. Also make sure you have all your documents and money with you and don’t leave your things because someone may steal them.

Step 3. Enjoy your journey! No matter what purpose of your trip is, you’ll definitely need to spend your time on it somehow. Though you’ll not find, for example, any active sports games on it as cruise ships have, you’ll still be able to take a book with you, listen to music, watch TV, talk to people around you or just have a sleep. With the help of such things you’ll never notice the time and the trip will be comfortable and interesting.

Whether you deliberately choose to travel by train or you don’t have any other choice, you’ll never be dissatisfied because train travel is still one of the most convenient, cheap and fast means of transportation. So take some useful tips into account and head for your trip!

Interested in traveling by train? Browse train timetable and book your tickets online.