St. Petersburg Stations




Moskovsky Station

Moscow, Murmansk, Novgorod

Nevsky prospekt 85, St. Petersburg

Vitebsky Station

Latvia (Riga), Lithuania (Vilnius), Ukraine (Kiev), Belarus (Minsk)

Zagorodniy prospekt 52, St. Petersburg

Ladozhsky Station

Misc routes

Zanevskiy prospekt 73, St. Petersburg

Finlandsky Station

Finland (Helsinki)

Lenina sq. 6, St. Petersburg

Baltiisky Station

Towns around St. Petersburg

Nab. Obvodnogo Kanala 120, St. Petersburg


More about the Moskovsky Station

The station was designed by Konstatin Thon (an architect who is responsible for Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow) in 1851 and is the oldest preserved rail station in Saint Petersburg. Interestingly, the station was only given Moskovsky name in 1930.
The railway station is a terminus for Saint Petersburg-Moscow railway and also offers trains to Central, South Russia, Siberia, Crimea and even Eastern Ukraine. With regards to arcitecture style, Moskovsky station can amaze with its large "Venetian" windows, Corinthian columns, tall clocktower. The station is an example of Renaissance architecture successfully combined with other features.
What is more, the Moskovsky Station is surprisingly not one-of-a-kind site as architect Thon has designed identical station in Moscow called Leningradsky Railway Station.
Look around the Railway Station in Saint Petersburg: