When will I receive my tickets?

When will my tickets be issued?’’

If you book a ticket within an 89-day time frame, we will need 24 hours to process your order and issue a ticket. If you make a reservation more than 89 days before departure, we will send you the ticket as soon as seat assignment is possible on the train (i.e. 89 days before departure). According to the rules of the Russian Railways, we cannot assign your names to the seats earlier than this.

How are paper tickets issued?’’

Paper tickets are issued for some international routes. A paper ticket for travel between Russia, Mongolia and China can be issued 59 days prior to your travel date. For other routes we can purchase your tickets from 44 till 59 days prior to your departure. You will have to collect your paper ticket to board the train. There are 3 options: worldwide delivery, hotel pick-up in Russia, or pick up from our office in St. Petersburg.

*Please note: Once you make a reservation on our website, you will receive an email with a confirmation. This is not a ticket, this email is meant to notify you that we received your information in our system. Once we are able to secure your tickets, we will send you an email confirming that the tickets have been purchased.