Visa Invitation

Applying for a Russian Visa on Your Own

Citizens of most* countries in the world are obliged to obtain a visa to Russia prior to their travel. Those who plan to apply on their own can visit official Embassy websites for more instructions (links below). Please note, official statistics show that about 70% of submissions "on your own" may fail after the first attempt due to complex requirements for visa documentation. First you will need to obtain a visa invitation/voucher from an authorized company in Russia, then apply online at and submit your documents with your original passport to the Russian visa center in person. Visa requirements are very strict and visa centres may find many reasons why your application is incorrect and will require you to re-submit it for additional fees. Due to that we advise to begin your Russian visa preparation process as early as possible. *Note: citizens of the following countries do not need a visa to Russia: Azerbaijan, Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador, Guyana, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mauritius, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Slavador, Serbia, South Africa, Tajikistan, Thailand, Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela.

Visa Invitations

An official invitation from a licensed Company in Russia is an obligatory document that must be submitted to the Consulate for getting a visa.
You can get an official Russian visa invitation by adding this optional item to your order while booking train tickets on our website. After you fill out your application form, your invitation will be emailed to you in 1 business day. Keep in mind that the number of visa invitations you order should correspond to the number of travellers who need a Russian visa.
Available: single/ double-entry invitations. Note: an original invitation from Russia can be obtained for extra fees for shipment. The prices depend on the destination country.

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