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Russian Double-Decker Trains

Double-deckers are modern, clean and offer an amazing travel experience for a great money value. Launched in November 2013 the first Russian double-decker train became one of the most popular types of traveling between bustling Moscow and the seaside mecca - Sochi. In February 2015 the second Russian double-decker train started running between Moscow and St.Petersburg and became a real hit.

Double-deck coaches slightly differ from the standard ones, the only exception is a much lower ceiling. Because of that top shelves have become less spacious and, in particular, you won’t be able to sit there. For the same reason there are no overhead luggage shelves. Moreover, it is not easy to store luggage under bottom shelf as well, because its lower edge is only about 23 cm above the floor.
But all these disadvantages are surpassed by the excellent facilities of the train. All coaches are equipped with three environmentally friendly toilets that remain open even during stops, LED lighting, air-conditioning and heating systems and shower units in sleeping and train staff coaches.

Hosting the Olympic Games in 2014, Russia launched the first double-decker connecting Moscow and Sochi. Now the train departs daily from Kazansky rail station in Moscow. The train trip lasts for almost 24 hours but the train is comfortable enough: you grab some sleep, eat authentic Russian food in the restaurant car or have a chat with your fellow-travelers.

Travel Classes Onboard Double-Decker Train

2nd Class Sleeper

4 beds in the sleeper: 2 lower and 2 upper ones. Each compartment has a table, a mirror, lockable doors and a large panoramic window. Bathrooms with small washbasins are located at each end of the car. Tea and coffee are available for purchase onboard the train. Snack is included in the ticket price but it depends on the carrier and out of our responsibility

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  • I got the best service ever, when it turned out our departure had been delayed, we were booked onto an earlier train with no hassle at all.
    Stella Randal
  • The customer service I have received was excellent. The online system works perfectly and the assistant was very helpful and clear. Thank you very much!!!
  • Easy internet access, serious service, good an fast answer when aditional information is required
  • I haven't taken my trip yet (I'm in the USA), but the reservation process and getting the tickets emailed to me was very easy and efficient.