Ticket cancellation

Can I cancel my e-ticket?’’

The standard cancellation fee is 50 USD per ticket. No cancellation fee applies if you purchased cancellation insurance with our company (20 USD per ticket) and ticket price will be fully refunded.

Note: The amount of items (insurance) you order should be equal to the number of tickets you book.

Cancellation requests are accepted no later than 3 business days before train departure. Past this deadline, train tickets should be canceled directly at the appropriate train station by the traveler names on the ticket and presenting his/her passport.

Note: To qualify for a refund, your tickets must be cancelled with us. If you cancel them at the train station, we will not be able to provide you with a refund.

How should a cancellation request be submitted?’’

Here are 3 simple steps how to submit a cancellation request online:

Step 1: Go to your personal account on our website russiantrains.com and choose the order you would like to cancel in the tab “My Orders”.

Step 2: Submit the cancellation request by pressing the “Cancel order” button and accepting our Terms and Conditions of service.

Step 3: Allow 2 business days to process a refund (a notification will be sent to your email)

Can paper tickets be cancelled?’’

Paper tickets can ONLY be canceled by the traveler named on the train ticket. All cancellations should be processed by the traveler at the appropriate train station. Note that cancellations are accepted not later than 6 hours before the train departure.

Limits of responsibility: RussianTrains.com and rail companies are not responsible for missed and interrupted trips regardless of circumstances. This includes trips interrupted due to absence of valid travel documents, boarding passes, passports or visas. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have all valid travel documents required to travel by train and across international borders.