Luxury Overnight Trains

Luxury overnight trains always have names. For example, the overnight trains from Moscow to St. Petersburg that depart at midnight and arrive at 8am the following day are called the Grand Express and the Red Arrow. These trains are part of Russian history and offer an experience in itself. Beds are comfortable, noise isolation is outstanding, and the onboard restaurants serve quality food and drink. In addition to the 1st and 2nd class cabins, these trains also have VIP cabins with showers. Luxury overnight trains operate on the Moscow - St. Petersburg route, on the international routes to European countries and on theTrans-Siberian railway.

Russian Trains

Grand Express Train

Being the only privately owned train in Russia, the Grand Express offers truly unique experiences: professional staff takes care of all your needs and premium car classes resemble a hotel on wheels rather than regular train cabin. Though an average journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg or in reverse takes around 8 hours we recommend taking this train because it will only enhance your travel experience.


Red Arrow train

Red Arrow Train

Red Arrow brand is an 80+ year icon of the Russian Railways. This luxury sleeper train first started its regular service in 1931 and since then it has only been interrupted for 2 years (from 1941 to 1943) during the Siege of Leningrad. All red, this train offers unforgettable experiences to foreign travelers with interiors designed in Soviet style. The newly designed modern cars were introduced in 2007, so this is also a modern train.


Tolstoy train


Tolstoy Train

The direct overnight train named after a great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy is the best way to travel between Moscow and Helsinki in terms of price, safety and comfort. It started to run in remote 1975 being the first overnight train traveling at a speed of over 120 kmh. Now the Tolstoy offers modern compartments and excellent service covering the distance of 1108 km in just 14 hours that makes a journey onboard the Tolstoy an unforgettable experience in itself.