Ticket modification

Can e-tickets be modified?’’

Electronic tickets can be modified by us only if the modification request is submitted no later than three business days before departure. Passed this deadline, ticket modification is not guaranteed.

If you need to modify your tickets after the deadline, you will need to book new tickets and to return the old tickets at the train station to claim a refund. If you are requesting to change your tickets before the deadline, but new tickets are not available, we will hold the original tickets until further instructions from you.

What is considered to be a modification?’’

Any change to issued tickets, including change of trains, seat classes, travellers’ details or travel dates, is considered a modification and is subject to a modification fee.

What are the terms of e-tickets modification?’’

It depends on the tariff of your train ticket, so make sure to hack out the modification and cancellation fees before purchasing.

Note: The amount of items (insurance) in your order should be equal to the number of tickets you book.

Electronic tickets can be modified by us only if the modification request is submitted no later than 72 hours prior to train departure. Before modifying your order our train specialists check availability and if possible they modify your order in accordance with your request. In cases when no tickets are available, you will be contacted in a timely manner with the offer of options. Past the deadline, ticket modification is not guaranteed.

How can a modification request be submitted?’’

Follow the steps below to send a modification request:

Step 1: Go to your personal account on our website russiantrains.com and choose the order you would like to modify in the tab “My Orders”.

Step 2: Submit a modification request by pressing the “Modify” button, chose tickets you would like to modify and leave your modification details in the field “Details”. Then press the “Submit Request” button.

Step 3: A modification fee should be paid per ticket

Step 4: Allow 24 hours to process your modification request. If no train tickets are available as per your request, our train specialist will contact you in a timely manner.

Step 5: Get new tickets and print them out.

Can paper tickets be modified?’’

Paper tickets can be modified only if they are returned to our office no less than 10 days before departure.

Limits of responsibility: RussianTrains.com and rail companies are not responsible for missed and interrupted trips regardless of circumstances. This includes trips interrupted due to the absence of valid travel documents, boarding passes, passports or visas. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have all valid travel documents required to travel by train and across international borders.