Regular Overnight Trains

Regular trains operate on just about any route between cities connected to each other by railroad, including those served by the high-speed rail trains (Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and the Trans-Siberian Railway). However, these are usually reserved for overnight routes, and they offer beds for seating/sleeping rather than individual seats. One of the best trains operating on Moscow - Vladivostok route is Rossiya.


Rossiya train

Rossiya Train

Rossiya train operating on the Trans-Siberian Railway is probably the most tourist-friendly regular train. Rossiya train is a perfect choice for your Trans-Siberian train ride, especially if you prefer adventure travel mode. In case luxury is your passion, we recommend to use services of luxury trains that offer higher level of comfort.


Enisey train

Enisey Trans-Siberian Train

One of the most convenient and fast trains connecting Moscow with Krasnoyarsk, Enisey is a great option for your Trans-Siberian train tour. Enjoy its clean compartments and courteous service onboard while traveling 4000 km in just 2,5 days.


Double-decker trains


Double-Decker Trains

The first double-decker train was launched in 2013 to connect the bustling capital of Russia and Olympic Sochi. It became immediately popular both with tourists and Russian citizens. At the early beginning of 2015 the first double-decker has started operating between Moscow and St. Petersburg and it is gaining its popularity day by day.