From Moscow to Murmansk Onboard Arktika Trains

Running from the stunning capital of Russia, Moscow, to mysterious Murmansk, the biggest city north of the Arctic Circle, Arktika trains are the only branded vehicles on the railway route. Their beautiful name is the Russian translation of the Arctic, and, unsurprisingly, they got it thanks to the far-away terminus station. The first run happened over half a century ago, and it was a significant event at the time. Traveling by Arktika trains was a luxury, as they offered much more comfortable conditions and faster travel times than any other train from Moscow to Murmansk. There are three travel classes at your service, Plazkart, Kupe, and SV. Those who prefer to travel in first-class can't go wrong by choosing SV for the journey, as it's the deluxe option meant for two people. Kupe is another popular and more budget-friendly choice, offering a bit humbler amenities and meant for four people. Plazkart is the cheapest option that doesn't provide much comfort, as the compartments are designed for six people and don't even have lockable doors.

Travel Classes Onboard Arktika Train

  • Russian Railways Regular train Kupe (img 2)
  • Russian Railways Regular train Kupe hall
  • Russian Railways Regular train Kupe (img 2)
  • Regular-Russian Railways-Exterior

4-bed Sleeper

These are compartments for 4 travelers with 2 upper and 2 lower beds, usually, it is possible to travel in gender-sensitive compartments. Each one comes with air-conditioning, lockable door, and a large panoramic window, sometimes a media streamer is available. Space for luggage storage is underneath the lower bunk beds. A meal, vanity kit, bed linen set, as well as newspapers are included in the ticket price. Bathrooms with wash basins are located at each end of the coach. Meals, drinks, and snacks can be purchased in the Restaurant car.
The carrier declares that it conducts a thorough sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of all common areas on its trains, including surfaces, seats, handles, windows, tables, luggage compartments, bathrooms and operator cabins.
Mask is required