And Then Came Desiro...

Taking the Russian name for the fast-moving bird, the swallow, the Desiro is designed to provide high-speed service even within the weather extremes experienced in many parts of Russia. The high-speed Desiro train covers many destinations. It has numerous routes connecting major Russian towns including Moscow with Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg with Petrozavodsk, and the famous resort region Sochi. In December 2009, the Sapsan was entered into service, becoming the first Russian high-speed train. Running between St. Petersburg and Moscow, the service by this Siemens-built electric marvel, cut the land travel time from overnight to about 4 hours, making it competitive timewise going from city center to city center with air travel (without the associated hassles). A year later, Alstom, produced by the French train company Alstom, entered service, offering high speed rail between Helsinki in neighboring Finland and both Moscow and St. Petersburg. On January 23, Siemens improved its domination of the development of Russian high-speed rail with a second great innovation created specifically for Russian Railways, the Desiro RUS electric light rail train, better known as the Desiro. Although German-made, it is a wholly Russian light rail train. "It is designed to operate in Russia’s climate and meet our technology standards and special requirements regarding safety and environmental protection. It meets the needs of the most discerning passenger," said Valentin Gapanovich at a ceremony before Desiro's first run between St. Petersburg and Bologoye.

Travel Classes Onboard Desiro Train

  • Desiro train car
  • Desiro train car
  • Desiro train car
  • Desiro train car
  • Desiro Train

Economy Class Seat

These seats on board the high-speed Desiro train are available in different arrangements - 2 seats in each row or 3 + 2 configuration. Apart from comfortable seats, Desiro coaches also have air-conditioning, bathrooms and provide special facilities for persons with special needs. Some coaches are also equipped for traveling with pets.
The carrier declares that it conducts a thorough sanitation, cleaning and disinfection of all common areas on its trains, including surfaces, seats, handles, windows, tables, luggage compartments, bathrooms and operator cabins.
Mask is required

Customer reviews

  • Unique experience Nice way to travel and to see little bit of Russia outside the big cities. Beds are comfortable, linens are clear but you can see that train is in use 10-15 years. Restoran is very good and you can enjoy your meal or drink during your trip.
    Ivan Filipovic
  • The website was relatively easy to navigate and I appreciated them making an effort to verify my identity when booking the tickets.
    Gary Teske
  • The ticket order was very easy and fast. Everything was, as it was promised. I recommend this page 100 %. Thank you very much.
  • Everything went well: my questions were answered, I was refunded the extra money that was charged, I received my ticket on the exact date that had been mentioned.