Allegro Train - Helsinki to St. Petersburg

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Orchestra musicians all over the world know that larghissimo, grave, lento, largo, or even larghetto mean a tempo slower than 50 beats per minute. The "quick and bright" 105 to 132 beats per minute are better known as "Allegro." However, Allegro is also a modern high-speed train that presents the most cost and time-effective way to travel between the two Northern Capitals of Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

Operated by a joint venture between the state railways of Finland and Russia called “Karelian Trains,” the high-speed Allegro trains from Helsinki to St Petersburg use an advanced version of the Alstom “electric multiple unit” used on Finnish railway lines, designed the Sm6. Each car in this type of train has its own locomotion, the combined power of which allows it to move unusually fast, speeding up and slowing down much more safely.

Go inside the high-speed train and learn how each type of class differs.


Allegro Train - The Most Convenient Way to Travel from Helsinki to St. Petersburg

The Allegro train achieves a top speed of 220 kilometers per hour (135 miles per hour). Their unique feature is that they tilt when they round a curve, which allows these high-speed trains to operate on already existing tracks, avoiding the cost of constructing newer and straighter routes. It takes 3.5 hours to travel between the cities and there are 4 daily departures. On the Finnish side, the Allegro High-Speed Train makes five stops before reaching the Finnish passport control and customs station at Vainikkala, while on the Russian side, the route is a direct express between St. Petersburg’s Finland Station and Vyborg. Once passengers arrive at either of these two stations, they are not allowed to leave the Allegro train on their own until they have cleared customs on the far side of the border crossing. Wi-fi is available onboard for any laptop user with a need to stay connected online, and there is even a children’s area for little ones to play. Food is served in a dining coach for the duration of the ride, except in the customs surveillance zone between Vyborg, Russia, and Vainikkala, Finland. The Allegro train cabins are kept impeccably clean, with all accommodations well-maintained. Once you book train tickets for Allegro and arrive at the station, you will have to go through an automatic check-in procedure, much like you would see at an airport. Booking online can be done with the greatest convenience, and boarding simply requires a passport - the number is recorded at the time the passenger places the reservation.

Travel Classes Onboard Allegro Train

  • Business Class

    Business class car features larger and more comfortable leather seats, free wifi and electric sockets. And, of course, a more attentive service. With business class tickets you also have free access to Business lounges at the train stations.

  • Economy Class

    Economy class seats are available in two arrangements - 2 seats in each row or 4 seats around one table. You can specify your preference at checkout.

Helsinki - St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg - Helsinki Airport
Helsinki Airport - St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg - Helsinki
Helsinki - Vyborg
St. Petersburg - Kouvola
St. Petersburg - Lahti
St. Petersburg - Vyborg
St. Petersburg - Tikkurila
Kouvola - St. Petersburg
Kouvola - Vyborg
Lahti - St. Petersburg
Lahti - Vyborg
Vainikkala - St. Petersburg
Vainikkala - Vyborg
Vyborg - Helsinki
Vyborg - Kouvola
Vyborg - Lahti
Vyborg - Vainikkala
Vyborg - Tikkurila
Tikkurila - Vyborg
Helsinki - Kouvola
Tikkurila - St. Petersburg
Moscow - Krasnodar
Moscow - Samara
Komsomolsk-on-Amur - Khabarovsk
Riga - Moscow
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300 kilometers
300 kilometers
300 kilometers
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281 kilometers
120 kilometers
295 kilometers
224 kilometers
113 kilometers
281 kilometers
171 kilometers
151 kilometers
31 kilometers
218 kilometers
113 kilometers
171 kilometers
31 kilometers
209 kilometers
209 kilometers
124 kilometers
295 kilometers
1198 kilometers
858 kilometers
268 kilometers
839 kilometers
2 hrs 27 min
3 hrs 33 min
2 hrs 36 min
3 hrs 27 min
2 hrs 21 min
2 hrs 13 min
2 hrs 39 min
54 min
3 hrs 21 min
1 hrs 14 min
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1 hrs 40 min
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2 hrs 22 min
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1 hrs 34 min
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Customer reviews

  • After riding both the Allegro rain and the Sapsan train (business class in both) I have come to find a large discrepancy between the two. So my expectations were set based on Sapsan. Allegro is more cramped.

    However, I did enjoy getting to go through customs and immigration while on the train instead of having to wait in a line at the destination.
  • Very helpful staff on train, thanks!
  • Excellent in all ways!!
    Fern Letnes
  • Enjoyed the train ride very much.

    Linda Bramoweth
  • Good experience. Train on the schedule and fast. I do recommend.
  • Excellent service! Very helpful staff on train. Thank you!
    Janet macpherson
  • Easy booking process. I did ask the online chat for some advice and they responded immediately. Overall an excellent and smooth process. The only thing I would ask is that as three tickets were bought simultaneously, it would be nice to have three seats together, one person was left sitting in another section
    Desiree Persaud
  • Nice, fast and comfortable.
  • clean
    nice staff
    good breakfast
  • Very good
    Kaylene. Very good
  • Evetythig great!
  • Excellent and smooth ride
    Magali Rodriguez
  • Very good service - excellent staff and comfortable seats. would highly recommend
    robert marchand
  • Train was on time
    Tessa Halgryn
  • It went smoothly. We we're a little bit late, but it was a pleasant journey
  • The Allegro seats were spacious and I liked the snack. There are self service hot dinks on the train and they're all free. Plus I used the currency exchange service and it had reasonable rates.
    Jeff Wetterson
  • The coach itself was very clean, spacious and comfortable. I liked the large windows and enjoyed great views of the countryside. It was a relatively short trip that couldn't have been easier.
    Franklin Stevens
  • We travelled from St. Petersburg to Helsinki on the high-speed Allegro train. Everyone from the train staff spoke English and we easily found our car on the train.
    Sylvia Laurence
  • Overall, good experience travelling on Allegro. The custom clearance was done on board by the government personnel during the trip and this was a time saver!
    Joeseph Boleman
  • Had a great time on my journey from Helsinki to St Petersburg on the Allegro. Comfortable seats and WiFi works perfectly the whole way.
    Sabrina Ramirez
  • The Allegro is a fast and comfortable way to go from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. It was a pleasant journey and it took only 3 hours!
    Robert Keath