Booking Process Explained

Step 1: Search

With us, finding the right train is easy. Our system contains tonnes of useful information and is connected to the official Russian railways so you can always see the up-to-date schedule. An important thing to remember is that summers are high travel seasons, especially on weekends. Some routes, Moscow - St. Petersburg or St. Petersburg - Helsinki are extremely popular, so you should book ahead. And if you are traveling on a weekend, book even more ahead.

Step 2: Book

On this website, you can conveniently book electronic tickets on any trains in Russia. You will need to provide passenger names, passports, birth dates, and birthplaces at reservation so you should have this information ready to complete your booking. You can book tickets for up to two years in advance. Passengers will be assigned to seats 89 days before departure (or 60 days or select routes). Once seating has been assigned, we will send you the final booking confirmation to your email address which you will need to demonstrate before boarding the train. Sometimes it's enough to show your passport instead.

Step 3: Check departure station address

If you are traveling from Moscow or Saint Petersburg, you should note that there is more than one rail station. We will send you the address of your station in booking confirmation. If you are uncertain from which station your train departs, please contact us for clarification.

Step 4: Arrive to station 45 minutes before departure

Russian train stations display all signs in Russian language, which makes it a little tricky finding the platform. Look for the billboard for your train number and which platform it will board from. We recommend that you arrive to the station 45 minutes before departure to allow enough time to locate your platform.

Step 5: Board the train

You will need to show your passport in order to board the train and you must board specific car (carriage) which is displayed in your ticket.

Step 6: Enjoy your experience

Sit back, relax and ask for a cup of tea - a good tradition on Russian trains!