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Without a doubt, traveling Russia by train sounds very appealing for adventurous souls, but what about people who are not in the market for an epic adventure? Is a train ride really the smartest way to travel through Russia?
Thousands of travelers have Russia on their 2018 travel radar as this vast country is hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In this guide we have put together everything you need to know about the city hosts, game schedule and available train connections between the cities.
Trans-European train tours can take you from Paris & Nice to Moscow, or from Berlin to Moscow. Enjoy easy online booking, train timetables, and 24/7 support with Russiantrains.com
In the quick guide to onboard experiences, you can find out about types of seats on regular overnight trains, everything you need to know about travelling with pets on board trains, permitted sizes of your carry-on luggage and more.
Enjoy the once-in-a-lifitime journey across Trans-Siberian Railway on Russian trains.
Learn how to ask for directions and read signs in Russian in our Essential Russia Travel Guide
You should know that large Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg have more than one train station. Please note the name and address of your train station when planning your trip to Russia.
History of Russian Rail and of the Trans-Siberian Railway at RussianTrains.com
Sapsan is a modern high-speed train, which above all means that it was constructed for a convenient travel experience. We've put together everything you need to know about traveling on board Sapsan trains.