5 Lenin Square, St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian portal to Scandinavia, the famous Finlyandsky Station, also known as Finland railway station, serves the Alstom high-speed trains, running from Saint Petersburg to the Finnish capital, Helsinki. The Finlyandsky Station operates both domestic and cross-border trains, providing travelers with trips to such amazing Russian cities as Petrozavodsk and Viborg. The station boasts an unparalleled historical significance as it was the place where Vladimir Lenin delivered his famous speech, calling out for the October Revolution in 1917. Train #293, famous for returning Lenin back home to Russia from Germany, is installed on the territory of the station. What is more, the monument of Lenin was erected on the square in front of the station to commemorate this iconic event. But that's not the only thing the Finlyandsky station is famous for. During the Siege of Leningrad in 1941–1943, it was the only Saint Petersburg (called Leningrad those days) railway station in use, delivering supplies from the non-occupied Soviet Union parts.

Getting acquainted with Finlyandsky Train Station

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Helpful Information About Finlyandsky Train Station


How to reach Finlyandsky Station?

The metro is the fastest way to get to the station from almost any point of the city, and the Ploshchad Lenina (Lenina Square), located on the red line of the metro is the station, connected with the main building of the Finland Station.

What amenities to find on the Finlyandsky Station?

Like most of the other Saint Petersburg railway stations, Finlyandsky Station has information desks, a number of shops and cafes, luggage storage facilities, ticket offices, restrooms, also a first-aid post, and several ATMs.

Does the Finlyandsky Station have an available WiFi?

The Finlyandsky Station provides all necessary modern services such as free WiFi available throughout the entire station. To gain access, you need to pass a short registration.

Is there a hotel near the Finlyandsky Station?

For the convenience of travelers, there are several hotels near the station. The closest ones are the Sokroma Mesta Hotel and the Otel' Voland providing light and spacious guestrooms and great service.


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