Famous as the first railway station in the Russian Empire, Vitebsky Station was opened in the 19th century. With its delicate metal ceilings and marble staircases, the station boasts a striking interior, which is an excellent example of fin de siecle architecture. Interesting fact: this train hub's former name is St. Petersburg-Tsarskoselsky since its first line served as a gateway to the royal residence Tsarskoe Selo. Today both international and domestic trains depart from the station and connect Russian Venice of the North with such destinations as Smolensk, Pushkin, Odesa, Minsk, Brest, Praga, Kyiv, Warsaw, Vilnius, and Riga, among others.



Useful Information About Vitebsky Rail Station


Where is Vitebsky train station located in Saint Petersburg?

Thanks to its convenient location nearby the Pushkinskaya station, the Vitebsky railway complex can be easily reached via public transport. What is more, right near the station you can find such remarkable Saint Petersburg sights as the Mariinsky Theatre and Nikolo-Bogoyavlenskiy Morskoy Sobor.

Where was Vitebsky train station in Saint Petersburg built?

The complex was constructed way back in 1837.


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