Obvodnogo Kanala emb., 118, St. Petersburg, Russia

Originally built in the 19th century, Varshavskiy Station is famous as the former railway joint of the glorious Saint Petersburg. In 2001, long-distance service functions were transferred to Vitebsky railway station and commuter trains were redirected to Baltiysky transportation hub. The building itself became a base of the Warsaw Express shopping center which opened its doors to the visitors in 2005. What is more, near the complex, you can also find the Russian Railway Museum housing various train-related exhibitions and responsibly preserving the history of railway development in Russia.



Getting Around Varshavskiy Station


What amenities can I find at the Varshavskiy Station?

Inside the Varshavskiy Station complex you can find the Warsaw Express center, plenty of shops, cafes, and facilities for leisurely activities.

When was the Varshavskiy Station constructed?

The original Varshavskiy Railway Station was built in 1851.


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