What shall I do if I missed the train?

What shall I do if I missed the train?’’

THING # 1 Either contact us for booking new tickets or buy them directly at the train station.

NOTE! you will have to pay for new tickets as we cannot change them after the train departure.

After you purchased new tickets you can try to get at least some money back and the only way to do that is directly at the train station:

- take printed train tickets and passports and go to ticket window at the train station

- show your tickets with passports to the cashier and tell the specialist you missed the train: "Я опоздал на поезд. Мне нужно вернуть билеты и получить деньги" ("Ya opozdal na poezd. Mne nuzhno vernut bilety i poluchit dengi")

- we warn you 90% of specialists at train station don’t speak good English and you can face misunderstanding.

*Note! We do not bare any responsibility for missed trains and cancellation after train departure can be done only at the train station.