How to read my train ticket?

How to read my Russian train ticket?’’

When booking a Russian train ticket and making the payment, you get an E-ticket. It is advisable to print it out or download it to your phone, tablet, or laptop as it'll need to be shown with your passport (or the official ID that was indicated during your booking) when boarding the train. Screenshots are not allowed.

But since the information is partially in Russian, it might be confusing to read such a Russian train ticket.

In this video there's a detailed explanation of how to properly read and understand a Russian train ticket.

The exact same rules apply when reading Sapsan train tickets, in case you're traveling onboard a high-speed Sapsan train.


Sample Russian train ticket

To make the process of reading a Russian train ticket easier, take a look at the sample ticket in the image below and read about what each block means.



7. The central line of the table in the ticket has the following information from left to right: your train number (next to the Russian word "ПОЕЗД"), the coach number (by the word "ВАГОН"), and the seat number (after the word "МЕСТО"). If you see the phrase "НЕ У СТОЛА" by the seat number, it means your seat is not located beside the table; "У СТОЛА" stands for table seat.

8. The bottom line of the table contains price information. Note that if food is included in the ticket price, there is a sign like "У1" that stands for 1 included meal per the whole train trip (even if the train trip takes several days). If food isn't included, there will be no such sign.