Is there an equivalent to “Rail Pass”? - There is no equivalent to “Rail Pass” in Russia. If you are going to have a multi-leg trip, you should buy separate tickets for each leg.
What shall I do if I missed the train? - Either contact us for booking new tickets or buy them directly at the train station. After you purchased new tickets you can try to get at least some money back and the only way to do that is directly at the train station.
When traveling by train in Russia you should be aware that there are discounts for kids traveling with you. Here are step-by-step instructions how to book child tickets with RussianTrains.com
How to use my ticket? - If you purchased an electronic ticket, you will receive an email with your ticket in PDF format. / Can I use a copy/notarially attested copy of my passport to board the train?
What to expect from traveling by train in Russia? - Learn about meals and WiFi on board trains as well as other important information to know about before your trip.
Where can I leave my luggage? - Automatic luggage lockers at all Moscow and St. Petersburg railway stations are open 24/7. Moreover, you can leave your luggage at left-luggage offices - most of them work day and night as well.
Can I carry my pets on board? - You can carry birds, dogs, cats and other small pets (up to 20 kg) on all kinds of trains. Their weight isn’t added to the weight of carry-on luggage. The transportation is allowed in all cars except for 1st class (SV) cars.
What station do I depart from / arrive to? - There are several rail stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg. If you are traveling between these two cities, we will send you a detailed email with your departure and arrival stations.
Each St. Petersburg station services a particular route. This map helps you understand what St. Petersburg railway station you need to go to.
Map of Moscow Stations. Each Moscow station services a particular route. This map helps you understand what Moscow railway station you need to go to.