5 Komsomolskaya pl., 107140, , Moscow, Russia

Conveniently nestled on Komsomolskaya Square, Yaroslavsky station is a champion, boasting the highest passenger throughput among all Moscow's nine stations! It was named after beautiful Yaroslavl as it was the first big Russian city served by the line. The station lived through several renovations and expansions over the years, and now prides itself on being one of the most well-equipped rail hubs in the city! The station complex is very spacious, but don't worry - getting around is not difficult whatsoever. And even if you have any problems finding your way, feel free to ask for help, the staff of Yaroslavsky railway station will be happy to help!



What to Know About Yaroslavsky Train Station in Moscow


Where Yaroslavskiy station is located?

The station boasts a great location in the city center of Moscow. It is nestled on the Komsomolskaya Square, not far from Leningradsky and Kazansky railway stations. The easiest way to reach it is by taking a metro train (red line), as the station is set right next to the Komsomolskaya metro station.

What to find at Yaroslavskiy station?

. Yaroslavsky train station is a modern rail hub and boats a wide range of services, such as luggage storage, comfortable waiting rooms, ATMs, bathrooms with baby changing tables, plenty of shops where you can hunt for souvenirs, and several food points.

Does Yaroslavskiy station provide free WiFi?

Yes, the station offers complimentary Wi-Fi to all travelers. You need to pass a quick registration procedure to access it, but it shouldn't take more than a few minutes.


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