5/43 Komsomolskaya pl., 107140 Moscow, Russia, Moscow, Russia

The oldest of 9 Moscow's train stations, the Leningradsky Station (or "Leningradsky Vokzal" in Russian) is a core hub for all trains that serve the northern part of the country, including the glorious city of Saint Petersburg, previously known as Leningrad (which explains the station's name). Notably, the Leningradsky Vokzal offers the fastest and the most convenient way to travel between the two capitals, a famous high-speed Sapsan train. The original building of the station was constructed between 1844-1851 as a twin of the Moskovsky Station in Saint Petersburg. Useful to know that sometimes the station can be referred to by its former name, the Oktyabrsky Terminal, as it was renamed by Bolsheviks in 1924 in tribute of the October Revolution.

An Overview of the Leningradsky Railway Station

This exclusive video introduces you to the station and takes you on a guided tour through the platforms to the main hall, offering some valuable tips to keep in mind.



Useful Tips About Leningradsky Railway Station


What is the main train station in Moscow?

The Leningradsky Station is one of Moscow's railway hubs stations together with Kazansky and Yaroslavsky stations. All of them are situated on the Komsomolskaya Square, informally known as Three Stations' Square.

How to get from Moscow to St. Petersburg?

If you want to use the fastest way to get from Moscow to Saint Petersburg, think about taking a high-speed Sapsan train. The maximum speed of the train is 250 km/h (155 mph) so the trip will take less than 4 hours while traveling on a regular train takes about 10 hours. To board the Sapsan train, passengers are required to have a printed train ticket, a passport, and ID.

What amenities can I find on the Leningradsky Train Station?

The Leningradsky Station is really up-to-date and equipped with all modern conveniences. Inside the building, there is a 24/7 ticket office, a luggage room to keep your belongings, a waiting hall and a waiting lounge, a help desk where you can find the necessary information, several restrooms, and a wide range of shops to buy some souvenirs or food while waiting for your train.

What to know about boarding procedures on the Leningradsky Station?

If you are planning to travel from this station, to successfully pass a number of security checks and make it in time for your train, it's better to come at least 30-40 minutes before departure.

Does the Leningradsky Station have free WiFi?

As the station meets all modern standards, there is free WiFi at your disposal. To use it, you will need to pass a short and easy registration procedure.


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