2 Komsomolskaya Square, 107976 Russia, Moscow, Russia

Magnificent Russia is not short of a lot of things: incredible views, amazing sights, interesting people, and train stations. The capital of the country houses nine major railway hubs, and the Kazansky rail station is one of them. Boasting a fantastic location in Komsomolskaya Square, the station boasts a rich and colorful history, dating back to 1862. It prides itself on a unique facade as the complex's architect deliberately broke the laws of symmetry and designed the Kazansky station to look like several small connected complexes and not like a single solution, creating some sort of an architectural equivalent of a patchwork quilt.



What to Know about Kazansky Railway Station in Moscow


What amenities does Kazanskiy Station offer?

The station takes pride in offering exceptional service and a wide range of amenities, including left luggage facilities, ATMs/currency exchange, comfortable waiting areas, an exquisite restaurant, charging points, and plenty of eateries and gift shops.

How to reach Kazanskiy Station?

Boasting a fantastic location in the city center, the station can be easily reached by the red line of the Russian metro - the Komsomolskaya station is set right next to the Kazanskiy rail hub.

How lond do boarding procedures take at Kazanskiy Station?

Everything is very easy, so there is no need to worry. All the security checks can be cleared in 10 minutes, but we advise arriving at the station about half an hour before departure to be on the safe side.


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