29 Zemlyanoy Val str., 105064, Moscow, Russia

After the renovation in 1968-1972, the Kursky Station ("Kursky Vokzal" in Russian) is the largest of Moscow's nine railway stations. The high-speed trains like Sapsan, Strizh, and Desiro, as well as regular passenger trains, depart from this station in three main directions. The first one is Kursk direction (after which the station is named, going through Anapa, Belgorod, Baku, and many other cities towards Ukraine. The second is the Gorkovsky direction, including Vladimir and Nizhniy Novgorod. The last one is the Alekseevskaya junction line, mainly used for transit trains. A convenient location near the city center and the station's connection to three major metro lines, make Kursky one of Moscow's busiest railway stations. Interestingly, the station's building was used as a background for several Soviet movies and literary works.



Handy Information About Kursky Train Station


What facilities to find on Kursky Station?

The station complex has all the necessary services for a comfortable stay. Inside the building, you can find a help desk, a ticket office, cozy waiting halls, WiFi, a luggage storage service, several cafes, and ATMs. If time permits, shopping enthusiasts may also take advantage of the huge Atrium Shopping Mall, connected with the station by a glass tunnel.

Where to find Kursky train station?

The station is located on the Kursky Station Square. The most convenient way to get to Kursky Vokzal is via the Moscow subway, as it is directly connected with the Kurskaya metro station, leading to the main building of the station. To get to the train station, you need to use either 3rd or 5th line.

How many platforms are there on Kursky Station?

Being the largest of Moscow's railway stations and one of the busiest ones, there are 9 platforms and 17 tracks. More than 300 trains depart from the station every day.

What to know about boarding procedures on Kursky Station?

You should always remember that there are several security checks and screenings to be passed before you depart. So it would be wise to get to the station 30-40 minutes before departure.


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