Rizhskaya Square, Moscow, Russia
If you are interested in the Russian architectural style, Rizhsky Station is worth stopping by, even if you are not planning to travel anywhere. The building's facade is decorated with kokoshniks, zakomaras, and curbs, making it an authentic tribute to the best architectural practices of 17th-century Russia. The building is a real head-turner, but it's much more than a setting for scenic photos. Being one of the smallest train stations in Moscow, Rizhsky rail hub is equipped much better than one would expect, offering such services as comfortable waiting rooms, luggage storage facilities, ATMs, a popular eatery, and parking on the territory.



Guide of Rizhsky Rail Station


Where does Rizhsky Train Station in Moscow located?

The station is conveniently located on the eponymous square near famous (and very beautiful) Sokolniki Park. The easiest way to reach the rail hub is by taking a metro train, as the Rizhsky train station is located right next to it.

How many platforms does Rizhsky Station have?

Rizhsky rail station can't boast a very impressive size and houses only two platforms.

Is there Wi-Fi at Rizhsky train station available?

Sure, travelers are welcome to take advantage of complimentary Wi-Fi, available throughout the station.


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