Paveletskaya pl., 1, Moscow, Russia
All nine major rail stations of Moscow have something interesting to boast, and the calling card of Peveletsky railway station is quite unusual. This station is famous for being the arrival point of a train, carrying the body of Vladimir Lenin, one of the most significant historical figures in Russia, to Moscow. The locomotive that carried the famous shuttle is now displayed in the Museum of Moscow's Railway, set right next to Paveletsky Station. What is more, rumor has it that there is an abandoned civil defense bunker hidden deep beneath the station. So, as you can see, this railway hub is not just a significant transport link, serving thousands of people every day, but also an important sight in the scenic Russian capital.



What to Know About Paveletsky Train Station


How many platforms does Paveletsky Station have?

There are 10 platforms and 12 railway tracks at the station, but one the track #0 is reserved for the postal-baggage trains.

What can I find at the station?

The station prides itself on an excellent choice of facilities, including an information point, cozy waiting rooms, ATMs & currency exchange points, and various shops and cafes.

How can I get from Paveletsky Station to Domodedovo Airport?

The transport hubs are conveniently connected by a direct express train. It boasts excellent onboard amenities and a broad departure schedule, so getting from Paveletsky Station to Domodedovo Airport is not difficult at all.


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