How to Choose Trans-Siberian Trains

Trans-Siberian journeys are on the very top of bucket lists of travelers around the globe. Yet planning such a trip and purchasing tickets requires preparation and knowledge. To make the process of buying Trans-Siberian railway tickets simpler for you, we’ve put together a guide on what you need to know about Trans-Siberian trains and how to choose them.

Trans Siberian train tickets

Trans-Siberian Rail

#002M Rossiya Train #002M Rossiya Train

If you're planning a Trans-Siberian trip from Moscow to Vladivostok or a shorter leg, say Moscow - Kazan, the #1 train we would recommend is the branded Rossiya train.

When buying Trans-Siberian train tickets for the Rossiya you can make choice of two travel classes: the high-comfort 1st Class Deluxe Sleeper, designed to accommodate two travelers, or the 2nd Class Soft Sleeper, a cheaper compartment for four people. Both provide good facilities for traveling, yet keep in mind that the train cars aren’t equipped with showers.

The ticket price includes 1 meal throughout the whole trip and a well-equipped Restaurant Car is available on-board.

Trans Siberian train tickets


Trans-Siberian train tickets Tip: As credit/debit cards might not be accepted on Trans-Siberian trains, we advise bringing some cash in the local currency, Russian Rubles. Trains depart every other day and it takes about 144 hours (6 days) to cover the full distance of 9259 kilometers (5753 miles) from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Trans Siberian train tickets Note: This is a very popular train among travelers, so as to pre-plan your connections wisely and hassle-free, we highly recommend to order tickets well ahead of time (at least 60 days prior to your trip).


#100Э Train #100Э Train

The second best option running on this same route is the #100Э train. Such Trans-Siberian railroad tickets are a bit cheaper and are a good alternative for those traveling on a budget.

This standard train offers 2 travel classes: 2nd Class Soft Sleepers and 3rd Class Hard Sleepers. Both types of cabins are fitted for four people, but 3rd class compartments have no doors and are less private.
Meals are not included in the price and can also be purchased in the Restaurant Car.

The #100Э train runs 3-4 times a week and appeals travelers with its lower cost, but doesn’t offer additional services and takes a longer time to travel the whole distance (167 hours = 7 days).


Moscow - Beijing Rail

#20Ч Train #20Ч Train

Trans Siberian train tickets

For those arranging a multi-country trip between the capitals of Russia and China, there are also a few options you might consider:

Train #20Ч runs once a week on Saturdays and passes 8961 kilometers (5568 miles) from Moscow to Beijing in 145 hours (6 days).

Because this train doesn’t cross Mongolia, traveDeluxe 1st Class Sleepers for two passengers and 2nd Class Soft Sleepers for four are at choice when buying tickets.

Keep in view that there are no showers on the train and that meals aren’t included in the price.

The ticket price includes 1 meal throughout the whole trip and a well-equipped Restaurant Car is available on-board.


#0043 Train #004З Train

Traveling on the “004Z” train that runs between Moscow and Beijing via Mongolia’s capital Ulan Bator takes 127 hours (about 5 days).

There are two weekly departures in the train’s schedule and 3 cabin types on offer, ranging from Deluxe 1st Class Sleepers for double occupancy to several 4-berth options, 2nd Class Soft Sleepers and the simplest 3rd Class Hard Sleepers.

Like in the train noted above, train cars do not have showers and meals aren’t included in the ticket price.

Trans Siberian train tickets Tip: You can pay in cash in the Restaurant Cars and for extra services on both Moscow - Beijing trains in two currencies, Russian rubles and Chinese Yuan Renminbis.


Trans-Mongolian Railway

#004З Train #004З Train

As for shorter trips on the Russia - Mongolia leg, we would narrow the choice down to two options:

Mentioned previously, the “004Z” train is also a good variant for traveling from Moscow to Ulan Bator. Running twice a week, the train ride between the two capitals will take 98 hours (4 days).

One can choose from 2-berth Deluxe 1st Class Sleepers and 4-berth 2nd Class Soft Sleepers. There are no showers on the train and meals are not included.

Trans Siberian train tickets Tip: Cash in two currencies is accepted on-board Moscow - Ulan Bator trains, Russian Rubles and Mongolian Tughriks.

Trans Siberian train tickets


#006Щ Train #006Щ Train

Counterpart of the preceding Moscow - Ulan Bator train, the 006Щ Train also covers the distance in 98 hours (4 days). It doesn’t include meals nor showers and offers two travel classes: 1st Class compartments for two and 2nd Class Soft Sleepers for four. Both trains on this route have practically the same price and on-board facilities. During the high season, there are usually 2 scheduled weekly departures and 1 weekly departure in the low season.
Trans Siberian train tickets Note: Trains on Moscow-Ulan Bator and Moscow - Beijing routes require original paper tickets, therefore when buying Trans-Siberian tickets with Russian Trains we mail them directly to your hotel or can organize a special international delivery. Keep in mind that such tickets can be canceled only at the stations on an individual basis.


Trip Planning & Private Trains

In case complex time-consuming travel planning isn’t your thing, take advantage of our Trans-Siberian special, including Trans-Siberian tickets for a separate 1st class carriage and a pre-planned travel route at best rates.

Should you want the trip to be completely pre-arranged for you, try booking a package tour on private Trans-Siberian trains. Such offers include not only train tickets, but also guided tours, hotel accommodation, airport transfer services and other transportation. You could learn more about such options here.

Treat yourself to an unforgettable railway adventure with Russian trains! Browse train timetable and book Trans-Siberian rail tickets