Travel Russia By Train

Nowadays there’re many modes of transport to choose from when you plan to travel. Your choice mainly depends on your destination. But trains are still one of the most popular ways to travel due to a great number of its advantages. Visiting Russia by train is a very nice idea because it wins over other modes of transport by reason of comfort and speed of Russian trains.

If you travel by train you’re able to choose any time and date when you wish to travel, and, more importantly, the destinations. Russia is a truly picturesque country which is worth visiting. Due to the huge size of the country and the poor safety of roads, one of the best ways to travel through the entire country quickly is by train. There’re many historic and modern buildings, which will definitely take your breath away. So before you start your journey, carefully read the information about the country, which places are advised for visit and when museums, palaces, etc. are open. Apart from that experiencing the charm of landscapes and nature should obviously be in your must-to-do list.

Talking about must-see places in Russia, it’s necessary to note that Russia is popular for its several greatest museums in the world, mainly in the field of visual arts. The Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg is extremely popular due to its enormous collection of art works. Among other well-known art museums of Russia there’s the Tretyakov Gallery (its premiere collection of Russian art) and a very famous Pushkin Museum of Western Art in Moscow. These are required places for visit to people who like art. For those people who prefer to be close to nature and are not interested in modern and historic buildings there’re various natural attractions.

The best-known destinations of Russia are to the east in Siberia, with Lake Baikal known as its "jewel". Other sites of Far East, which are of great tourist interest, include the perfect Kuril Islands (to the south of Kamchatka), the Sikhote-Alin mountain range, whale watching off the coast of arctic Wrangel Island, and beautiful Sakhalin.

The nature reserves of this region are amazing as well. But no matter what kind of person you’re and which kinds of entertainment you prefer, if you visit Russia you obviously need to taste the delicious ethnic cuisine, so unique and unforgettable. Among most popular dishes there’re Pelmeni (meat-filled dumplings, very popular in Siberian and Ural regions), Golubtsy (cabbage rolls with meat and rice), Okroshka (cold soup based on sour milk), Borsch (garlic and beet soup) and many others.

If you still don’t know whether to visit Russia or not, think about the comfort of Russian trains, the beauty of the country, the hospitality of its citizens and the uniqueness of the ethnic cuisine, and you’ll see that the choice is evident. Russia is a place that is truly worth visiting and seeing at least once!