Trans-Siberian Railway Journey

Once-in-a-lifetime Journey along the Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the best way to experience Russia. It is the longest railway in the world, providing an experience of the most culturally diverse and historically profound aspects of Slavic and Eastern culture. Perhaps you prefer staying in one place exploring the nightlife and sights rather than cruising the countryside for days or weeks via train. Perhaps you prefer rolling along in motion via train taking in the visual beauty, meeting locals, communing with other travelers and cabin mates and learning local languages over spirits or traditional cuisine to pass time. The Trans-Siberian Railway provides for the best of both worlds.

We take care of everything. You just need to enjoy yourself. We reserve your Russian rail tickets, hotel reservations throughout the whole trip, all your transfers and various organized cultural entertainment throughout the whole excursion. Where will you go? Firstly you will be introduced to the glorious Slavic culture of Russia. It all begins in Moscow, where you will see the Red Square, the Kremlin and endless more amounts of cultural points of interest. What comes to your mind when you think about the Red Square? Most probably two definitions: big and beautiful. But, moreover, it is a historical and cultural landmark of modern day Russia, a real cornerstone of this country, where the statewide highway system converges in one starting point. The Kremlin is much more than just the government headquarters. Like all of Russia, rich in history, so much is it a pleasure to the eye and an awe inspiring fortified area of palaces, cathedrals and a boasting protective wall that many visitors refer to it as the 8th wonder of the world. This is urban Russia, and it only begins here. Scattered across Siberia are countless other beautiful and historic cities of equal stature and impression: Russia's unique Tsarist past in Kazan, the religious montage in Krasnoyarsk, and the wooden beauty of Taltsy.

See the entire trip from Moscow to Beijing on a luxury Tsar's Gold train

What about rural Russia? Siberia does not cease to please with its immense natural beauty. From a breadth of wildlife of both dangerous and beautiful creatures, to the rolling snowed hills and mountains surrounding small villages, this is a place of vast interest and undiscovered beauty to most who travel through. Consider Lake Baikal. You will stop at one of the largest and deepest bodies of unfrozen freshwater in the world, a landmark of wonder, home of the stunning nomadic Buryat tribe and the world's clearest water surrounded by ripe pebble beaches, jetting stone cliffs, and rolling green hills. Your trip will include relaxation and a barbeque surrounded in the midst of this open air exhibition of Siberia's stunning beauty and then continue on through Baikal's notable villages scattered along its coast and the depth of culture through the museums and exhibitions hosted there within.

The trip does not stop there. With the Great Wall of China and the Gobi Desert of Mongolia ahead, it has only started and what awaits you in your downtime and rest on the train is equally fulfilling. Bring a deck of cards, some spirits from home, a picture of your kids, or a local instrument from home. Smoking cigarettes, drinking spirits, and enjoying the local cuisine around the small bits of your life you can share with your cabin mates is an unforgettable experience. Simple, rich and unforgettable friendships. Learn a bit of the local language and help the locals you meet on the way with yours. Viewing the Slavic and Asian countryside by both day and night with fellow travelers on a historical and luxurious train is an experience unlike any other. From the arrangement of your Russian rail tickets to your barbeque on Lake Baikal we make the trip as seamless and enriching as possible.