Silk Road Railway Journey

The Famous Silk Road Route from Europe to China

Long before the railroad was invented the perfume, silk, and spice trade route from Europe to China was well established. A route connecting the capitals, fortifications and desert oases over hundreds of years surviving war and changing hands amidst a fluctuating rein of control between the various dynasties ruling the land. Now the Trans-Siberian Railway has replaced it. Tourists and businessmen alike zip across the landscape of Asia and Europe by way of modern technology, sharing stories and blending cultures as they did thousands of years ago on caravan-trodden trail and sea-crossing ships. Come trace the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Marco Polo. Get a taste of the Silk Road trade route aboard the Golden Eagle Luxury train or the Shangri-La Express. Pull back your curtains and let the world roll by, sleepy and magical. Let cabin mates become new friends and feelings of adventure become commonplace as you set out on one of the most historic phenomenon of world history.

Start your trip at either end of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Moscow or Beijing. The start of the trip from the west aboard a Moscow - Astana train or a Moscow - Beijing train sets out on the same trail of the late Alexander the Great and Marco Polo. Settle in your first night in Moscow to the butler-served luxury five-star Marriott Royal Aurora hotel a stone's throw from Red Square and the Bolshoi Theater. A welcoming dinner where you'll meet your fellow travelers warms you up for the 21 day voyage that lies ahead. At your own will, why not extend your stay a few nights and see the sights of this marvel of a city? Stand before the Kremlin, photograph St. Basil's Cathedral or stroll Gorky Park before heading East.

On the day of departure, upon arrival to the Moscow Kazansky Station, expect a greeting in the Imperial Waiting room with a glass of Russian Champagne and canapes as you mingle with other guests and are welcomed by the train staff. A military brass band plays on platform 1 as you are escorted to the Golden Eagle train. Settle into your cabin and enjoy the welcoming dinner.
Relaxing first days onboard take you across the expanses of the Kara Kum desert and gives you a chance to meet cabin mates or take a class in Russian language to warm you up for the days to come. The next stop in Khiva lands you at a 2,500 year old desert settlement of mosques, madrassas, bazaars and minarets within ancient city walls at the crossroads of the Mongolian, Russian, Chinese and Persian Silk Road routes.
Further along your journey you'll head into places like Bukhara – home of a fortified arc, Samarkand – a settlement of 14th and 17th century architecture, Tashkent – the Soviet-style capital of Uzbekistan, and Dunchuang – a fairytale-like desert oasis of the Gobi Desert, amongst many more stops before you conclude your journey at the awe-inspiring Great Wall of China, all key stops on the Silk Road trade route from Europe to China.
For those who start in China and head west in the opposite direction, bound for Europe, expect to start your trip from Beijing in the five-star Regent Hotel (or similar) in the historic heart of the city just minutes from the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. A tour of Beijing and an almost identically mirrored itinerary to that of the Eastbound journey in the same luxury fashion await. An evening welcome dinner and a celebratory farewell sends you on your way as you board your train.
Retracing the steps of the explorers and tradesmen who weathered the elements and guarded their supply with their life is a step into one of the most ancient and most significant periods of world history. The desert oases, capital cities, river fortifications and encampments that make up the Silk Road are magical in their diversity. Head for the ancient Silk Road relics of Kazakhstan aboard a Moscow - Astana train or bound onboard a Moscow - Beijing train for the ancient tombs of the lost civilizations that once thrived on the Silk Road trade route and continue further in to the East to the ancient world where normal life takes on a new meaning, while the Golden Eagle or the Shangri-La Express trains are your luxury gateway into this world.
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