Great-Value High-Speed Train - Nevsky Express

A four hour train ride across the countryside along the Moscow - St Petersburg train route is one of the most convenient ways to travel between Russia's capitals. Unlike flying by plane, you don't have to waste time and money getting to and from the airport, standing in line for check-in and going through the customs. By train, passengers simply board at the Moscow Oktyabrskaya Station, stow bags away in a large and accessible baggage holder and 4 hours later they are at St Petersburg Main Station, or vice versa. It’s welcoming simplicity and comfort persuade even the most precautious travelers.

The Nevsky Express provides a fast and luxurious means of travel catered to the requirements of the modern luxury and business traveler. Having replaced the slower, less luxurious Nevsky Express in 2009, the Nevsky Express was reinstated in 2010 to fill a much-desired niche. The Moscow to St Petersburg train provides a lightning fast experience and is famous for its lower price and basic amenities.

And like all modern Russian trains, it is far removed from the stereotypes of a staunch Soviet era. Compartments are impeccably clean, all amenities are well-maintained and the attendants are friendly. The check-in process is a breeze and the ample above-head luggage space is easily accessible throughout the whole journey. Your ticket price includes complimentary snacks, bottled water, a sandwich and that day's newspapers. Passengers enjoy 2 TV screens and 2 power outlets for all electrical needs.

What the Nevsky Express train Moscow to St Petersburg lacks in modern luxury it makes up for in affordability. As its travel time almost equals that of the Sapsan, travelers admit they cannot resist taking advantage of the Nevsky's services for its price. The only problem most travelers have with this line is its lack of WiFi and that it makes only one trip per day, so be sure to plan accordingly. Yet the joy of sampling vodkas and meeting new acquaintances while cruising the lands between Moscow and St Petersburg make it worthwhile no matter which train one takes.

The Nevsky Express train runs once a day and can achieve the speed up to 200km/hr (124 mph). Each compartment features 3 + 3 seats arrangement and all seats are Economy+ Class. The travel time between Moscow and St. Petersburg is 4 hrs 10 mins. Snacks, water and sandwiches are included in ticket price. Wi-Fi is available but the access might be limited depending on the carrier. The lowest ticket prices are when booked in advance (40 days before the train departure).