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Carry-on luggage on Alstom


The passengers are allowed to board the train with carry-on luggage, which can be freely placed in the specially designated area (luggage size should not exceed 100×60×40 cm and weigh no more than 35 kg). In case your luggage occupies more than 2 seats per person, you will have to buy an additional ticket to board the train with it. The general weight of carry-on luggage does not include small things such as a suitcase, bag, personal computer etc. Bicycle transportation is permitted only in case it is unassembled and packed.

It is not allowed to place the luggage in the aisles. The carry-on luggage has to be placed on the shelves. If you place the luggage on the seat it should be secured. Carry-on luggage has to be placed close to the passenger. For transportation additional luggage (more than 35 kg) the passenger has to buy the additional tickets (no more than two additional seats). In case of failure to comply with the rules the carrier has the right to refuse the passenger to transport additional luggage.

Go inside the high-speed train and learn how each type of class differs.

Not allowed to transport on Alstom: foul-smelling, fire-hazardous, poison, highly inflammable, explosive, radioactive or other dangerous things as well as animals (other than dogs and cats).

Useful information: There are seats for disabled and for passengers travelling with pets. Also, you can use the meeting room. There is also a children room and a restaurant car onboard of Alstom high-speed train.

Transportation of animals on Alstom: Alstom offers spacious seating. You can even carry a cage with your favorite pet on board.

Transportation of animals in the first class is not allowed, but the passengers of the second class have the right to transport animals aboard Alstom if the animal's transportation is not forbidden by the vet, customs or other regulations of the Russian Federation or the Republic of Finland.

Restrictions on the transportation of animals and pets:
- No more than 2 dogs on a leash;
- No more than 2 cages with pets;
- No more than 1 dog on a leash and 1 cage with a pet (cage size cannot exceed 60×45×25 cm);
- Transportation of 2 animals in 1 cage is allowed.

The passenger is responsible for transportation of the pets. It is not allowed to put an animal or a cage in the aisles or at the platform of the train. At present, it is allowed to transport only cats and dogs. The transportation of other animals is allowed through post-control Torphyanovka - Vaalima.

Note: If the passenger travels with pets in carriage 6 on the special seat for passengers with pets than an additional ticket for a pet is not necessary, as the price of such ticket 20 euro higher than regular tickets.