New York - Washington Train Tickets

New York City – Washington DC Train Tickets are now available for booking online.

Perhaps the most convenient way to travel from New York to Washington DC is by train. Trains depart and arrive in the center of both cities – to the Penn Station in New York and to the Union Station in Washington DC. Unlike flights, you won't have to arrive at the train station 3 hours before departure for security check. While traveling by train you can enjoy beautiful scenery and more leg room. Last but not least, traveling by train is cheaper.

Standard air shuttle service from New York to Washington DC will cost more than $200 plus the cost of a cab to get to the airport, while train service will cost less than $200. A standard train will take about 4 hours to get you from NYC to DC and the new high-speed Acela Express takes just 3 hours. The higher speed and comfort level come at extra charge, but it is well worth the cost.

You can book both standard regional train tickets and Acela Express tickets on our website. To do so please use our purple search form in the left side of the screen.