Beauty of Rail Travel


Train is a means of transport suitable for traveling for short, medium and long distances across most parts of the world. Most areas in Russia have a developed and widely used railway network. If to speak about the Russian rail, it wins over other means of transport. Why? There are 6 obvious reasons:


  • Easy access. Many cities have a station and most of them are served by trains several times a day. On internal routes many trains run hourly if not more often.

  • Russian rail is practical because check-in means just getting on the train. There’s no need to arrive several hours in advance or walk through a metal detector. It is also very convenient that you can bring your own food and drinks on board.

  • Russian rail is environmentally friendly due to the fact that trains pollute far less than most other means of transport.

  • Russian rail provides great views, while traveling on board of train you see more than just clouds. You experience the beauty of landscapes and buildings.

  • Russian rail is famous for its speed. Take, for example, the popular St. Petersburg - Moscow train, which will take you from St. Petersburg to Moscow with speed and comfort.
  • In case of long trips it’s advised to get on an overnight train in order to save a day of travel and money on a hotel. Among popular overnight trains of the Russian rail there’s St. Petersburg - Moscow train. If the traveler doesn’t want to sleep, he or she will be able to see beautiful and amazing night sceneries together with some touristic sights, and for those passengers wishing to have a rest there’re special sleeping cabins, which are very comfortable for such cases.

It is impossible to finish this list of positive sides of traveling by train. Among those things Russian rail is a treasure trove of good things. Notwithstanding the speed of trains they give people a chance to communicate with each other, to have a rest and to please with magnificent views and sceneries of crossed cities, villages and other interesting places. Choosing a Russian rail will always be a good idea!

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