Discount policies

Child tickets policy: domestic routes within Russia

All routes within Russia are considered as domestic routes and they are served by Russian trains of different categories.

Children 0-5 -  they travel for free if they do not occupy a separate seat BUT children should be placed in the order as a separate ticket is issued for them (with zero price). If you child is under 5 but you would like him/her have a separate seat/bed just go ahead and book a child ticket at half price.

Children 6-9 (included) - they travel at half price so it means that all prices are offered with 50% discount. Once a child has reached his or her 10th birthday, a children’s discount no longer applies on Russian Railways.


Child tickets policy: international routes

Children 0-5 - children belonging to this group can travel for free if they do not occupy a separate seat. In all other cases you should book a child ticket at half price. Important: in any case specify child details in the order.

Children 6 - 16 (included) - we issue child tickets mainly for the international route Helsinki - St. Petersburg - Helsinki and as a rule a child ticket is 30% cheaper than an adult one.

* If you find the required train but you do not see a child price, it might mean that there are no child tickets available for this train. In any case you can alway contact our train specialist for clarifications and professional assistance.


Senior Discounts

Senior travelers have some priviligies of receving a discount for select international routes. Travelers at the age of 60 and more have a great chance to travel with a discount of 20% per ticket on the following routes: Moscow - Nice - Moscow, Moscow - Berlin - Moscow, Moscow - Paris - Moscow

Proceed with booking train tickets at the reqular price on our website and then contact our train specialist or forward an email to [email protected] specifying the order number (it will have the following format RT-******-*****) and they will issue a refund equal to the discount amount.

*Kindly note that we are not able to offer senior discounts on domestic Russian trains because of the specific policies of Russian Railways.


Group Discounts

If you have a group of travelers (not less than 10 people) you can book train tickets at special rate provided by our company. Depending the group size we offer different prices for modern highspeed Sapsan train and privately-owned Grand Express.

* If you are interested in a group rate other than Moscow - St. Petesburg - Moscow trains, feel free to contact our train department.