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Trip Planner

This section is designed to help you with planning your travel, outside of what you need to know about rail tickets. Our company is famous for planning some of the most amazing journeys to Russia and we want to share some of our insights. Of course, you are always welcome to check out our package services on the website www.travelallrussia.com as well.

Russian visas & how to ensure you are in line with the law

Customers from most of the countries that use our website need visas to enter the Russian Federation. Even more of our customers crossing a border of Belarus need Belorussian visas. Some of our customers need visas to enter Mongolia and China. The good news is that we simplify the visa process for our customers. Our visa services, available on our website, include official invitation and even full visa process service (available only for US customers at this time). You can purchase our visa services when you get your train tickets or at any other time.

Visas and invitations

The must-sees and must-dos: The Bolshoi, Mariinsky and more

Not everyone likes theater, but everything should see a Russian opera and ballet for the sheer reason that this is one of the must-do sort of things in your life. Think about it. Just about every important person in modern history, from hero to villain, has experienced this important part of world culture (Churchill, Stalin, Queen Elizabeth II, Reagan, Mao, Putin, etc). Would you forgive yourself if at the end of your life you did not see for yourself what kept them coming back again and again?

Russian theaters


Rating of places in Russia that you don't want to miss

Many of the coolest sights are in the heart of Russian cities, but there are many great ones that exist beyond the city centers. Some good examples are the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow or the palaces in Pushkin and Peterhof near St. Petersburg. Some travelers mistakenly think that its wise to wait until they arrive in Russia before deciding if they want to go to these places. We recommend, instead, booking tours to those places well ahead of time. Remember, the Russian high season for tourists, who come from all over the world, lasts for only 5 months and the most recommended places do get crowded.


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