Russian Train Tours

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Departures: daily
Type: private tour


Day 1: Arrive in Moscow

Welcome to Moscow, Russia's largest and most vibrant city! Your driver will be waiting for you at the exit gate of the airport. After hotel check-in you can relax in your room, grab a bite to eat in the hotel's restaurant, or visit the surrounding sites. We recommend taking the opportunity to adjust to the time zone so that you will be well-rested for your eventful program the following day.

Day 2: The Red Square and the Kremlin

Today your guide will meet you in the hotel lobby and take you on one of the most interesting tours in the world. You will visit the famous Red Square and go inside St. Basil’s Cathedral, built by Ivan the Terrible in the 15th century. Next is the Kremlin and the World War II Memorial in the Vorobyevi Hills Park, as well as the spectacular Cathedral of Christ the Savior, destroyed by the communists and restored only a few years ago. The tour will last about eight hours.

The Kremlinis the most recognizable symbol of Moscow. This ancient citadel was constructed in 1147 to defend the city from the Mongols and the Lithuanians. Moscow has since grown beyond the original walls, but the Kremlin has remained a representation of political power in Russia.

St. Basil's Cathedral stands as one of the most impressive architectural sites in Moscow. This colorful cathedral is also known as the Cathedral of Basil the Blessed and was built between 1555 and 1561.

The duration of the tour program for this day is eight hours.

Optional evening activity: ballet or opera at the Bolshoi Theater. Please ask your tour specialist about the playbill and tickets.

Day 3: Moscow - St. Petersburg

One of the most interesting sites in Moscow is located deep beneath the surface. On Stalin’s order, the Moscow Subway was built to display the advantages of socialism. Today the Soviet Union is gone, but the beautiful underground city is still active and carries millions of passengers each day. You will go on a quick subway ride for a true taste of Moscow living before heading to the best art gallery in the city, the Tretyakov Picture Gallery. In the evening you will board an overnight train to Russia's second capital, St. Petersburg.

The Moscow Subway was constructed not only to streamline the city's transportation, but also to celebrate the accomplishments of the Soviets. The entire subway is a work of socialist realism, making passengers feel as though they are entering various underground palaces, not merely riding the subway to work. On top of immense cultural value, Moscow's subway is a highly efficient transportation system that carries three million passengers daily and spans the entire city in a star-like fashion. Interestingly, the subway can also serve as a nuclear shelter in case of war.

The Tretyakov Picture Gallery is Moscow's most famous collection of art and one of the world's top galleries. It began as the private collection of a wealthy Muscovite merchant, Tretyakov, who lived in the 19th century and donated his collection to the city.

For your evening venture to St. Petersburg, economy air, economy express train, or first class overnight train tickets are included in the price of your tour as well as transfers to the airport or train station. If you choose to fly, you will spend an extra night in St. Petersburg; if you take a train, you will experience the famous Russian train systems.


Day 4: St. Petersburg City Tour

Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia’s most beautiful city! St. Petersburg was the capital of Russia until the Revolution of 1917, but remains Russia's most dynamic and amazing city. With the canals of Venice, the palaces of Paris, and the churches of Rome, you will not be disappointed by its beauty and culture.

You will have the best guides in St. Petersburg to make the most of your visit to one of the top ten travel destinations in the world. They will take you on a panoramic tour of the city with stops at the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood, and St. Isaac's Cathedral. The tour will last four hours, leaving the rest of the afternoon free for you to rest or explore the city on your own.

Peter and Paul Fortress was designed to defend the city from naval attacks, but was used as a political prison for dissidents of the tsarist regime and as a museum during the soviet era. The fortress now stands as the tomb for the Russian imperial family.

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood was built to commemorate one of Russia's greatest emperors. Alexander II is most famous for liberating the Russian serfs two years before the abolition of slavery in the U.S. After he was assassinated, the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood was erected in his honor.

St Isaac's Cathedral is one of the most impressive cathedrals in Europe. Because of its rich decorations, gigantic golden cupolas, and sprawling observation deck, it is one of the most popular tourist sites in St. Petersburg.


Optional evening program: St. Petersburg boasts some of the best theaters in the world. Ask your tour specialist about playbills and tickets or learn more about the venues in our Guide to St. Petersburg Theaters.

Day 5: The Winter Palace and the Hermitage

The Hermitage Museum is to St. Petersburg what the Kremlin is to Moscow. Located in the gorgeous Winter Palace, it sits in the very heart of the city, a palace so beautiful that not even the Bolsheviks could destroy it during their takeover in 1917. They say that if you were to spend three minutes by each exhibit in the Hermitage it would take you three years to see everything. With an experienced guide leading you through the sea of heart-stopping exhibits, you will see the best of St. Petersburg’s art in four hours. You may continue exploring the palace on your own after the tour.


Recommended activity for this afternoon: boat ride on St. Petersburg canals. Ask your guide where you can board the boat.

Day 6: Peterhof or Catherine's Palace

This day is reserved for a trip outside of the city to Peterhof or Catherine's Palace. These two palaces were the most prominent summer residences of Russia's nobility and sit on opposite ends of the city, each an hour away from the city center. Because of this you will have the option to visit either one of them.

Peterhof is most famous for its fountain park, which rivals that of Versailles. Its sprawling gardens, ornate fountains, and lavish decorations will enthrall you. Duration of the tour is six hours.

Lunch in Peterhof's cafe is included in the program.

Tip: It takes about one hour to get to Peterhof by car. A boat ride is an alternative option that is available during the summer (price $35 per traveler).

Alternative option for day 6:

Catherine's Palace was a gift from Peter the Great to his wife, Catherine. It is located in the town of Pushkin (also known as Tsarskoe Selo) and is most famous for its Amber Room, which was looted during World War II by the Germans during their 300 day siege of St. Petersburg. This legendary room was only recently reconstructed.

The program includes lunch in Podvorye restaurant, which resembles traditional Russian houses and serves authentic Russian cuisine accompanied by folk performances. In the afternoon you will visit nearby Paul’s Palace.

Day 7: Departure

Your driver will take you to the airport. You will be leaving Russia with a lifetime of memories from her two beautiful capitals, Moscow and St Petersburg. We hope you return to this enigmatic country soon!

Tour details: Duration: 7 days / 6 nights

Price per person: $2290

Included in the price:
- All museum entrance fees, special no-line admission, and the finest guides in Russia to show you Russia's amazing history and sites;
- Russian visas, full visa processing service;
- Your own private driver for airport transfers and tours;
- Train tickets for the Grand Express train from Moscow to St. Petersburg (overnight) or high-speed Sapsan train;
- Your choice of the finest hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg:

3-star package: $2,290 per person
- St. Petersburg Hotel Rossi or Pushka Inn Hotel (Standard room)
- Moscow Asambleya Nikitskaya or Hotel Sovietskiy

4-star upgrade: $2,579 per person
- St. Petersburg Hotel Rossi (Superior room)
- Moscow Courtyard Marriott (Standard room)

5-star upgrade: $4,179 per person
- St. Petersburg: Grand Hotel Europe
- Moscow: Maison Hotel