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In December 2009, Russian Railways brought into service the Sapsan (Russian for Peregrine Falcon). Named after the mythical bird, this high-speed Russian train achieves a maximum speed of 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour). Today this is arguably the most convenient way to commute between St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Vladimir. The convenience of the Sapsan train service already rivals traveling by air. The short flight time of one hour between the Pulkovo Airport outside St. Petersburg and any of the seven airports that service Moscow (Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Vnukovo, Myachkovo, Ostafyevo, Bykovo, and Ramenskoye) certainly lures travelers at first. And although rail service currently takes four hours, it is quite common that passengers spend three or more hours in traffic getting to and from the city-centers to the airports. With the Sapsan, passengers in St. Petersburg only need to catch the train at the centrally located Moskovsky Station in the morning, and by noon, they are at Leningradskaya Station in the heart of Moscow.

Go inside the high-speed train and learn how each type of class differs.


Meet Sapsan - the most convenient way to travel between Moscow & St. Petersburg

This is a far cry from the journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg that travelers had to endure before first Sapsan train tickets went on sale. The ride on board this modern high-speed train is as smooth as any modern train or urban commuter rail experience seen anywhere in the world. Besides speed, the Sapsan train caters to the requirements of the modern luxury and business traveler. Whereas comfortable seats are reserved for business and first class on an airplane, the Sapsan’s first and second class seats both provide passengers with the same experience. The first class seats, however, have additional leg space and WiFi access, service that has increased in demand (and expectation). Of course, service is far removed from any of the Soviet-era gruffness, with attendants providing a modern level of friendliness and courtesy, defining anew the meaning of Russian luxury travel. The cabins are kept impeccably clean, with all accommodations well-maintained. And unlike any airline flight, passenger luggage can be accessed from storage by the attendants, should a passenger need anything from their suitcase. Eventually, if the Russian Railway Ministry has its way, the Sapsan RUS EVS will be employed along an extensive system of new high-speed rail lines that will extend across Eurasia, removing bottlenecks at the nation’s airports, improving travel efficiency for businessmen going between cities, and providing more luxury travel options for those who want to see this great country for themselves. Don't hesitate to choose Sapsan for your trip! Read more about Sapsan trains here.

Travel Classes Onboard SAPSAN Train

  • Business Class

    Business class car features larger and more comfortable leather seats, free wifi and electric sockets (on Sapsan trains). And, of course, a more attentive service. With business class tickets you also have free access to Business lounges at the train stations.

  • Conference Cabin

    It is a separate unit with a lockable door perfect for 4 travelers either business or leisure travels. Presentation equipment for business meetings is available. It features 4 leather seats + a tiny sofa. Cabin is supplied with a personal dinner table, footrests, tap lights, multifunctional display, entertainment system, 220 VC outlets, audio and video outputs, outlets for charging mobile devices and free Wi-Fi. Seats can be automatically adjusted providing even more comfort with enlarged armrests.

  • Restaurant Car

    Regular economy class seats in the bistro train car. Standard arrangement of 4 seats around a table. 

  • Economy Class

    Economy class seats are available in two arrangements - 2 seats in each row or 4 seats around one table. You can specify your preference at checkout.

  • Economy Class with Meal

    Regular economy seats. No wifi access. Ticket price includes cold snacks, newspapers and magazines.

  • Premium Class

    Premium class has the most comfortable leather seats on the train, electric sockets and free wifi. It features the best service and gives you free access to Business lounges at the train stations.

St. Petersburg - Moscow
Moscow - St. Petersburg
Moscow - Bologoye
Moscow - Tver
Bologoye - St. Petersburg
Bologoye - Moscow
St. Petersburg - Bologoye
St. Petersburg - Tver
Tver - Moscow
Chudovo - Moscow
St. Petersburg - Okulovka
St. Petersburg - Chudovo
Moscow - Okulovka
Moscow - Chudovo
Tver - St. Petersburg
Okulovka - St. Petersburg
Okulovka - Moscow
635 kilometers
635 kilometers
321 kilometers
163 kilometers
314 kilometers
321 kilometers
314 kilometers
472 kilometers
163 kilometers
516 kilometers
243 kilometers
119 kilometers
391 kilometers
516 kilometers
472 kilometers
243 kilometers
391 kilometers
3 hrs 43 min
3 hrs 34 min
1 hrs 56 min
1 hrs 3 min
1 hrs 53 min
1 hrs 57 min
1 hrs 44 min
2 hrs 42 min
1 hrs 7 min
3 hrs 9 min
1 hrs 23 min
50 min
2 hrs 23 min
3 hrs 10 min
2 hrs 46 min
1 hrs 27 min
2 hrs 48 min
22 trains per route
19 trains per route
4 trains per route
4 trains per route
4 trains per route
4 trains per route
3 trains per route
3 trains per route
3 trains per route
3 trains per route
2 trains per route
2 trains per route
2 trains per route
2 trains per route
2 trains per route
2 trains per route
1 train per route
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Customer reviews

  • Love the train.
    Debra Partin
  • Comfortable and punctual. Food supplied was very good.
    Hugh Craig
  • Excellent service
    Fredy Benites
  • Loved the entire experience. Train departed and arrived on time. Coach was clean, comfortable and pleasant. Staff were pleasant and efficient. Food was good.
  • Great way to travel between St Petersburg and Moscow. Train comfortable and on time, tickets very easy to buy through website. Would highly recommend.
    Vivien (Australian)
  • Very comfortable. Food was excellent. Service was fantastic.
  • Very clean very comfortable and easy to reach. Very efficient and prompt.

    Irma cerutti
  • It was a good way to travel from St Petersburg to Moscow. Seats were not particularly comfortable but it was only for 4hours.
    Jane Macdonald
  • The train journey from St Petersburg to Moscow was excellent. I travelled in business. The seats were comfortable and the lunch provided was very good. There was ample space for luggage and a coat rack. The toilets were clean and easily accessible. The staff were very helpful, even though they had little spoken english and I sadly have no russian. They even booked a taxi for me to take me to my hotel and as I stepped off of the train the taxi driver was waiting for me. All in all a very comfortable, easy journey.
  • Very convenient, a great experience, good service on board and helpful staff
    Gary Franklin
  • Very helpful and polite staff on board. Train was very clean.
    Paula Flynn
  • Clean, Comfortable, on time. Personnel very attentitive, would recommend to anyone travelling between Moscow & St Peterburg.
  • Fantastic
  • The journey was very good. The staff cooperative and nice. The train no was not shown at the platform display. Had to ask people. Ticket showed coach no as 10C, but the coach was 10, no C.
    Amit Chatterjee
  • Very pleasant, efficient travel. Couldn’t be more pleased.
    Leslie Franz
  • it was great! especially RUB 2000 food allowance.
    but... it would be nice if you could provide (i) power outlets, (ii) functioning wifi
  • train comfortable & fast
    service lousy with weird hostesses slow in serving and with ongoing stock outs , whatever you will be asking for (tea ? sorry finished ? sorry we have finished just chicken , ice cream , sorry that was the last one ....)
  • Comfortable train, lots of room. Food not so good.
  • We enyojed traveling with Sapsan. Sapsan is the best train!
    Laze Lazarevski
  • Such a nice trip from St.petersburg to Moscow
  • Very comfortable and great experience.
    Shailesh Mithal
  • Enjoyed the train ride very much
  • Great experience. Very confortable and on time
  • Very good train i like it. Toilet is clean too.
  • Very nice experience, without the long airport boarding times, and longer distances from the city destination. Service onboard is direct, friendly, and correct.
    Wouter van Wagtendonk
  • very comfortable trip with great service. I would recommend this to anyone. thank you.
    Shawn Morris
  • Fast and punctual. Clean and comfortable..
  • Excellent Experience
  • Clean,modern and goodnWiFI
  • Train journey was comfortable and the train was on time.
    however, i had also booked pick up at Moscow station, but, the pick up arrived very late and we were almost looking for a Taxi ! He did not know any English and was very unprofessional.
    Vinay Kapoor
  • Great trip except for guy on the phone beside me for over an hour, talking loudly.
  • 5 star experience travelling to Moscow from St. Petersburg. The service was far better then club class on many top airlines! Leg room for a mini car; friendly stewards and stewardesses; clean toilets, shoe polisher, coat rails and complimentary food. Very, very impressed!
    Cathy Jones
  • The train was very comfortable and on time. Friendly staff.
  • Very nice, smooth, quiet, nice service
    Very nice, smooth, quiet
  • Excellent Journey. Good service by staff and crew members.
    Kumaraswamy Pillai
  • Excellent train, very clean. Lunch disastrous
  • Extremely comfortable, clean and efficient and excellent value for money. Would definitely recommend this service over flying.
  • Excellent journey. En route we were economy class and the waiter spoke excellent English and was very friendly in showing us to our seats. En route back from St Petersburg to Moscow, we rode in first class. However, the waiter was a bit rude, had no English and got our orders wrong. I understand there is a language barrier but he made little or no effort to make it easier for both parties and did not correct our order.

    Overall the comfort was good. Treatment could be better.
  • Good experience
  • Everything was excellent! Comfortable seats, enjoyable ride! Hope to do it again!
    Igor Balenovic
  • It was an excellent expirense
  • The service and train journey was excellent.The staff were friendly and very helpful.
    Kim Peters
  • Excellent experience, very helpful team, the train was beat and clean I would recommend to everyone
    Mohamed Darwish
  • Entire service is great and v
    Gabriel da Silva Volpe
  • 5th time I’ve been on this train. Fast, clean, efficient and excellent service.
  • Excellent service
    anthony marsh
  • Very confortable highspeed trains.
    We liked very much of everything: the service, meals offered and all the conforts
    Pedro Dionisio
  • Excellent service and comfort on the train from Moscow to St Petersburg .
  • Nice train, but dining car should have plugs like the rest of economy.
  • I was surprised how easy the train was. It was clean, the service was fantastic and there was food and drinks included.
  • Smooth and quick ride from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Comfortable seats. Could have used an english menu on their cafe menu. Nevertheless, great ride.
  • Departure and arrival: exactly as stated in the ticket. Clean. Staff attentive to passengers. Highly recommended.
    R Liamzon
  • Nice food and punctual
  • We Loved the trip. On time, very comfy, absolute value for money.
    Selin Alance
  • A very comfortable and punctual service, and the staff were excellent too.
  • Loved the train, although it said in booklet they could organise a taxi this was not true.
    Kaylene Ross
  • Excellent hourney!
    Judith Boyd
  • Fantastic trip! Smooth and comfortable, with food service to our seats . The best part was the help we received from the amazing Moscow station staff and Sapsan staff when we left a piece of luggage on board the train and did not realize until we got to our hotel. I was so happy that our bag had been held for us, the staff were so understanding and kind and went out of their way to help us. Thank you so much everyone!!!
    Jillian Dirou
  • Train is good !! However, make sure when the reservation is done, that there are plenty of seats available, I paid for first class and I ended traveling business class and did not get a refund.
    R. Aguilar
  • Great Experience! Train arrived on time at our destination. Easy to book & extremely efficient with friendly service onboard.
    D Paola
  • A very comfortable journey. It was extremely easy to book my tickets on line from the UK and boarding the train was easy.
  • This is the most modern and cleanest train that I've boarded. It even had a place to hang jackets, just like an open closet. Most attendants speak English. The only thing I would change to make it better is the need for drapes, as it might be needed at times.
  • Excellent service from booking my tickets and using the train. The train was clean modern and on time. Very enjoyable experience.
    Robert Nixon
  • Very comfortable trains with very friendly staff. A lovely experience
  • It was fantastic!! A good train ride. Clean and spacious, a lot of leg room. Good and clean food.
  • We really enjoyed the trip, very clean, quick and efficient
    Douglas Nairn
  • Very good international booking service. Booked tickets in Australia, received tickets by email and boarding train went smoothly.
    OLE oelckers and Yvette McNeil
  • Russiantrains just works PERFECT and has a great customer Service. I have used them several times and all things always work fast and reliable! 5 STARS!!!!
    Sven Witte
  • It was a really great experience. Loved the thermal slippers. Food was lovely. Much better than the British trains
    Catrin Evans
  • Great! Comfortable, great service and quick.
  • Excellent onboard service, staff were polite and helpful. The ability to speak in my native english to the staff made my journey less stressful. Impressively fast connection you hardly notice the time pass with the great meal and relaxed atmosphere that makes a nap possible. Train was spotlessly clean, arrived on time. I will be recommending the Russian Railways Sapsan Premium Class to all my freinds and collegues back in Australia.
    Rhyce Gawronski
  • Great experience on Saspan. Vey comfortable, clean, helpful staff and amazing scenery from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.
    Sinead Martin
  • Train was fast and clean. The attendants were friendly and accommodating. I would recommend to others looking for an easy and relaxing trip between Moscow and St. Petersburg.
  • Great service and fantastic meal. 5 stars: Excellent – without reservations, I would recommend this service to anyone.
  • The train was so comfortable and clean! Recommended for those who want to experience train trips in Russia. Me and a couple of friends took a night train from St Petersburg to Moscow so we didn’t get to enjoy the scenery along the way. So I think it’s better to book a trip during the day.
  • Great and smooth journey, nice staff, clean carriage and no delays!
  • Excellent train service. Comfortable, quiet and pleasant staff.
    Linda Tudori
  • The trip was very comfortable and train personnel was extremely helpful and nice. We booked our trip online and it was an easy and very straightforward process. However we had trouble logging to the Internet. This on the other hand was an advantage as we were able to enjoy the scenery. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
    Violeta Miteva
  • Sapsan was pleasant to ride, staff were polite and helpful and the train was on time...awesome.
  • Very spacious train, excellent service with good english speakers. Would highly recommend to anyone else.
    Timothy Smith
  • The snake could be better.
    Marcelo Silva
  • Train was comfortable and on time.
    Emily Plummer
  • Fast, comfortable and with excellent service, we enjoyed our trip!
  • The trains were very impressive, on time and the service was impeccable
  • All was very good. Departure and arrival on time. Clean train. An overall great journey!
    Maria Paphiti
  • On time, clean, good meal and smilibg staff. And fast, even with the snow !
    Jean-Marie Chazeau
  • The train was very clean and comfortable. The customer service was excellent too. I had to cancel and book another ticket but the customer service was super responsive so I had little problems doing so. They responded even on a weekend.
    Hannah Liu
  • Fantastic experience in every way possible, I would never fly again if all train services were as good as Sapsan 👍🏻👍🏻
    Andrew Kane
  • Very good!
  • comfortable punctual convenient
  • We enjoyed our experience riding on Sapsan high speed train from Moscow to St Petersburg. The train is very clean and comfortable, fast and smooth. The announcement is also in English and very clear and informative. The service is excellent and the attendants are very helpful and professional. Overall we would definitely recommend friends using Sapsan and I would like to repeat this again in the future.
    Prayoon Yuentrakul
  • The trains are extremely comfortable and the staff are wonderful about answering questions. I would highly recommend the trains to anyone looking to see Russia. Boarding is extremely easy as well and the trains are on time.
  • excellent...
  • best way to travel from moscow to st Petersburg, (easy,fast, comfortable),times saving too.
  • Great experience! Easy to book and use. Highly recommend taking Sapsan when you quickly want to move between Moscow and St Petersburg.
  • Perfect trip. Nice capechino. Friendly personal.
    Simon Hornyak
  • We were English Speaking travelers from Asia but the train station staff in St Petersburg is unable to converse in English and was unwilling to help us even though we attempted to translate using our phone apps. The train ride was comfortable.
    Vincent Koh
  • Was an amazing trip, great service! Keep it up! Thank you
    Kristine Pacatan
  • Great experience, very reliable.
    Christopher Mikhailovsky
  • Fantastic trip. Would def recommend for travel between St Petersburg and Moscow.
    Sarah Hulm
  • Clean and comfortable.
    Fang Zhao
  • Good
  • Excellent service. Pleasant trip to Moscow. On time and efficient.
    Thomas C
  • Punctual and convenient. Was very helpful to book airport transfers via taxi which was very helpful.
    Please include menu card to order food on board.
  • Very comfortable, fast and the staff were lovely.
    Judith McIntyre
  • Took the Sapsan Train from St. Petersburg to Moscow so easily and quickly! The train offers food on board, it's very comfortable and excellent overall.
    Dean Morgan
  • The opportunity to book a taxi right on board the Sapsan was brilliant, we were so impressed. The train ran on time, was extremely comfortable. Much better than flying!
    Sylvester Chassels
  • The high speed Sapsan train was awesome. Plus there friendly and helpful staff all are English speaking. I will definitely use the Sapsan in the future and recommended it to my friends.
    Jose Herrero
  • My husband and I travelled business class, so we were truly pampered. We enjoyed the food, wine and great seats facing each other - all included in the Sapsan ticket price.
    Charlotte Melton
  • Travelled from Saint Petersburg to Moscow by Sapsan first class. Everything was excellent, great comfortable seats with a lot of legroom and the train departed on time and arrived just before schedule.
    Maria Loiterville
  • Had a great experience on Russian Railways riding between St. Petersburg and Moscow and would highly recommend the Sapsan to any international traveler.
    Simone Paterson