Murmansk train station
ul. Kominterna, 14, Murmansk, Murmanskaya oblast', Russia, 183038, Murmansk, Russia
1273 km
St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg train stations
Varshavskiy station
Obvodnogo Kanala emb., 118, St. Petersburg, Russia
Vitebskiy station
Ladozhskiy station
73, Zanevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Moskovsky station
85 Nevsky pr., 191086 , St. Petersburg, Russia
Finlyandsky station
5 Lenin Square, St. Petersburg, Russia
Baltiysky station
120, Nab. Obvodnogo Kanala, St. Petersburg, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg Bus Station
Obvodniy channel embankment, 36, St. Petesburg, Russia

Murmansk to St. Petersburg Train Information

As you know, magnificent Russia boasts an advanced railway network, connecting all the main population centers in the country, and the Murmansk - St. Petersburg train route is among the most comfortable ways to travel between the cities. The trains serving the railway route boast great safety records, impeccable punctuality, and can cover the distance from Murmansk to St. Petersburg in about 24 hours. During the journey, the passengers are welcome to take advantage of great onboard amenities, including cushy seats, ample legroom, and more than generous luggage space. The departure schedule of Murmansk to St. Petersburg trains is very extensive and offers up to 2 daily departures, so you can choose the time that works the best with your travel plans.