Minsk train station
Minsk Passengers
3 Pryvakzaĺnaja pl., Minsk, Belarus
192 km
Vilnius train station
Vilnius Bus Station
Sodų g. 22, Vilnius 03211, Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania

Minsk to Vilnius Train Information

If you need to travel between these two charming European capitals, taking a train is among the top picks for the job. Only two and a half hours onboard a comfortable high-speed Minsk-Vilnius train separate the beautiful Belarusian capital from the lovely city of Vilnius. It means that you can fit enjoying the latest art exhibition in the Belarusian National Art Museum and exploring the cobbled streets of Vilnius Old Town in one day without any problems. The Minsk-Vilnius railway route goes through a very picturesque area, offering to enjoy the views of the fairytale forests, winding rivers, and even to see what is concealed behind the name of "Minsk's Sea".

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