Transportation of Pets

Can I carry my pets on board?’’

You can carry birds, dogs, cats and other small pets (up to 20 kg) on all kinds of trains. Their weight isn’t added to the weight of carry-on luggage. The transportation is allowed in all cars except for 1st class (SV) cars and luxury cars. Pets must be kept in boxes, baskets or cages that can be placed at carry-on luggage storage space without any difficulties. You must have a veterinary certificate and a special receipt for each pet. To obtain such a receipt you need to pay one package up to 20 kg of total weight at the station.

Transportation of wild animals is prohibited in any car type.

The carriage of large breed dogs is permitted if the whole compartment is bought out by the animal's owner (4 tickets in 2nd class Kupe, except luxury cars) without any additional receipts. Number of dogs and travelers should not exceed the number of berths.

Note: Blind passengers can carry their guide dogs for free in all categories of cars.

It's possible to transport small pets in a baggage car but for the direct route (without rehandling). Animals should be kept in boxes, baskets or cages which will prevent the car from damages and dirtying.