Transportation of motorbikes & bicycles

Can I take motorbikes / bicycles on board?’’

Passengers can carry with them disassembled and packed bicycles without motors if their dimensions allow them to be placed at the carry-on luggage storage space. Bicycles without motors, packed or unpacked, also can be transported in a baggage car (you should indicate its number, trademark, type (adult or child) and all its accessories (pump, bag, bell etc.). Payments are calculated according to a tariff provided for the corresponding price-list for an actual carriage distance.

Can I take motorbikes and scooters on board?’’

Motorbikes (up to 165 kg) and scooters are accepted for carriage as cargo-luggage in factory or other hard package. To carry cargo-luggage you should file an application to the head of the luggage department (to the head of the station if there is no luggage department). Payments for cargo-luggage transportation that include weighting, loading and unloading fees and fees for cargo-luggage's agreed values are made during the procedure of cargo dispatch.

Note: Special tickets for bikes/cars can only be arranged at the train station directly.