Useful information for Sapsan

General Information


Sapsan is a modern high-speed train, which above all means that it was constructed for a convenient travel experience. The passangers may find hooks for their outerwear in the space between the windows, additionally there are cloak rooms for outerwear in each carriage of the train. For your convenience, there are automatic machines for cleaning shoes in three carriages of the train. You can enjoy free space for placing your luggage in passenger carriages. There are also overhead shelves for small bags and belongings. A table for swaddling and nappy changing can be found in carriage 6.

Smoking policy: smoking is forbidden in all carriages of the Sapsan train. The only smoking area is placed in the restaurant car of the train.

Carry-on luggage on Sapsan: the general weight of carry-on luggage cannot exceed 36 kilograms, and each bag cannot be bigger than 180 cm (the sum of length, width and height).

Note: minor disrepancy is allowed. For example, if your bag is 6 cm bigger than the train policy provides, you will most likely be able to carry it onbaord with the permission of a trainmaster, in case it doesn’t bother other passengers or conductor.

Allowed to transport on Sapsan: prams and baby carriages (unassembled or packed), bicycles without an engine are included in allowed transported weight if they can be placed on the special places for transported luggage. Not included in the allowed transported weight: suitcases, bags, the size of which doesn’t exceed 100 cm.

Not allowed to transport on Sapsan: electronic, household and video appliances which exceed 130 cm (the sum of length, width and heights).
Things that can make any harm or damage to the carriages or the travel belongings of other passengers, as well as fire-hazardous, poisonous, highly inflammable, explosive or other dangerous things.

Travelling with pets on Sapsan: Transportation of pets is forbidden in the business class of the train. Dog-conductors are exceptions. The transportation of small animals and birds is allowed in the economy class with the following limitations: if a pet or a bird is put in a special cage, weighs no more than 20 kg and has the documents, registered in the window desk at the station. Learn more about Sapsan trains here.