Trains to the Golden Ring of Russia

If you find yourself in Moscow exploring the history, architecture and modern marvels of one of the most dynamic cities in the world, don't cut yourself short, book Russian train tickets in advance. We'll let you in on a small secret – The Golden Ring.

What exactly can you expect on the Golden Ring?

Sergiev Posad is home to Trinity Lavra monastery and it is considered the Russian Vatican. For centuries has been the greatest and biggest religious and cultural center in the Russian state. It is impossible to overstate its prominence in Russian Orthodoxy and spirituality in general.

Vladimir is a city under constant watch by the heavens. God looms above Vladimir in the form of two cathedrals perched atop the overlooking hills surrounding the city. The entrance to this holy city is guarded by the Zolotie Vorota, a golden gate protecting the inhabitants and greeting visitors.

Suzdal is the city-museum of the Golden Ring. It's packed with historical sights and cultural landmarks. See the Suzdal Kremlin, Krestovaya Chamber, the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery. Catch a Bell Concert at the 16th century bell-tower and stop in the Suzdal Museum of Wooden Art to see the best 16th century wooden crafts from all over Russia. 

Yaroslavl is 1000 years of Russian history at your fingertips. Explore the Church of Ilya the Prophet, the Church of the Archangel Michael, and the Alexander Nevsky Chapel. What's more impressive than its architecture is its people. The population of 600,000 is diverse and magical in it's boasting of famous people of Russian history, including Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space.

Rostov is a landscape dotted with monasteries all surrounding a magnificent Kremlin. It is also the Golden Ring's oldest town. Upon entrance, visitors are stunned by the fairytale panorama of the Kremlin and the Monastery of St Jacob across Lake Nero. Stand before the looming Kremlin wall surrounding an open central square that is adorned in flowers in the summer.

Kostroma's outskirts are eerily mute and lacking color. Approaching the town, however, as you cross the bridge coming from the station, the world of Kostroma reveals itself as a time portal and oasis on the shore of the large Volga River. The fresh air feels nice as you wander the spiderwebbed streets, markets, the park, and the riverbank where boats and hydrofoils stop at the piers.

What to Do and How to Get There?

Once you've finished your tour of Moscow or are ready for a change of pace, get your russian train tickets online and hop on one of the regularly scheduled trains that connects Moscow to these otherworldly places. The connections are frequent so it will be a trip that you can't miss. Here are a few of them:

Train types
The Moscow – Vladimir – Moscow trains are both standard and high-speed, including the famed Sapsan and Desiro. The Moscow - Rostov - Moscow  and Moscow - Yaroslavl - Moscow connections consists of standard trains but some of them are named trains, like the Sapsan or Desiro – high comfort. And the Moscow - Kostroma - Moscow and Rostov - Kostroma - Rostov connections are standard trains.

Private transfers
In some Golden Ring there are no train station and the most convenient way to get there is a private transfer which is a fast and convenient way to get to the destination.

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It's a great chance to enhance your Russia experience so don’t miss it. Moscow is one of the most delightful cities to visit as it redefines your definition of what a metropolis is and, moreover, serves as a gateway into the well-preserved history of Russia just out its backdoor. Head on out into the wildlands of Russia where the villages await. We look forward to helping you get there.