Tallinn-St. Petersburg E-tickets

The fast and convenient Alstom train

Two trips a day now connect ancient Tallinn at the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland to the winding canals and Russian Revivalist architecture of St. Petersburg. Hop on your tablet, scan through the sights of St. Petersburg and Tallinn, stop off at one of the online ticketing sights and within minutes, after your bags are packed, you'll be ready to zip off to northern Europe for a seamless sun-filled trip of your lifetime.


Start here where you'll find full English language service and a user-friendly interface for purchasing tickets. Simply pick your departure and arrival city, “one-way” or “return” ticket and click “search now”. Once purchased, the last steps differ slightly depending on which city you start your journey from:


We'll send you a voucher which has to be exchanged at any desk or kiosk at the St. Petersburg train station for boarding passes. Then simply continue on to the train carriage with your boarding pass + passport to board the train.
Free delivery!


We issue special e-vouchers from our suppliers. We send it to your email, which you can simply print out from your home/hotel. At the train station, take your e-voucher + passport to the train carriage and, upon boarding, present it to the car attendant who will give you a train ticket. Please keep in mind that printing your voucher is not obligatory, you can simply download it on your smartphone.

No delivery! Or you can choose international delivery of a paper ticket for $75. This will shorten check-in, but not by much.


For travelers on the St. Petersburg to Tallinn train we suggest arriving at least 1.5 hours in advance to assure time for obtaining your boarding pass from the kiosk/desk. We recommend travelers on the Tallinn-St. Petersburg train to arrive 30 minutes before departure as you are already checked-in and only need to go straight to the train carriage.

Finally, to stress a key point we'll remind you that all travelers must have a passport with them to board any train in Russia! Train attendants will check the names on boarding passes against those on passports.

St. Petersburg is one of Russia's largest and most spectacular cities. If visiting the great cities of Russia has ever crossed your mind then St Petersburg is a must-see for You. The cobbled streets and ancient sights of Tallinn are of the oldest and most unique in all of Europe and the countryside between Russia and the Baltics is an oasis of wild flora and fauna best viewed out the window of your St. Petersburg-Tallinn train. Fortunately, aboard a St. Petersburg to Tallinn train with Russian Railways e-tickets the journey is not only a pleasant but a convenient gateway into the Baltic and Russian lands. Get your e-ticket and go!