Talgo Trains Linking Europe and Russia

New link between Russia and Europe, Talgo trains

Behold the Talgo night train. A glamorous, comfortable and innovative hotel on wheels. Soon to ring a new style of travel to the Moscow - Berlin train route. Spacious super reclining coach seating, luxurious 1st class coaches with restroom and shower units and optimal accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility make it one-of-a-kind, able to satisfy even the most demanding passengers. It's flexibility in style of coaches and options in each coach suit any style of traveller and two leisure areas in the restaurant and bistro cars serving delicious cuisine are a delight for the overnight travelers. An all-in-one package, from convenience to luxury taking passengers on the Trans European railway in luxurious fashion. Let's give you a better idea of what each class offers.

Night train structure

Seat Coach
Each seat contains the following: reading light button, call service button, object holder, magazine rack, additional foot rest on the back of the seat in front, waste paper bin, electricity supply connection socket, safe luggage carrier with locks to prevent hand luggage from moving or falling
Separating screens prevent customers from seeing into the kitchen area when dining in the luxuriously decorated atmosphere. Enjoy your privacy and the delicious meal. The bar includes accessibility for disabled people and the floors of the kitchen area and bar are equipped with PSA 33 G non-slip flooring. Sure comfort and safety for all customers.

First Class Coach
First class coach is the reason for the Talgo's existence. It is its claim to fame. It makes for a new breed of Russian trains. We are happy to tell you a bit about this coach. It is a tidy and cozy space with elegant shapes and designs, carefully finished and designed down to the last detail. Quality is noticed in the finishing touches and it satisfies passengers' needs given the wide variety of the accessories and services. Ideal for traveling by day and resting by night.
The compartment includes: seat fabrics inspired by sea waves, reading light: designed for reading at night with the bed unfolded, decorating design includes relaxing shapes, baggage area: extensive space under seats for the heavy and large baggage, magazine rack, waste paper bin and object-holder shelf, 15 inch TFT flat screen including video-on-request service, luggage rack high up on the wall: space for larger baggage, interphone for passenger services, general light: adjustable for passenger's taste.
Night tray at passengers' disposal for easy access to magazines, books, a mobile phone, a bottle of water, a pack of gum, soda, your tablet while resting at night or moving about the cabin in the day

Restaurant Coach
One coach per trainset includes simple and elegant shapes in a welcoming and elegant space, giving a feeling of space and intimacy. Tempered glass screens provided between seats preserve privacy. Use the bar at night or breakfast area during the day with fold-up seats for easy access.

Restroom Module
Here is where the Tolga shines. This is where the Tolga boasts of hotel quality on wheels redefining the Trans European railway experience. Pamper yourself in luxury and comfort. The restroom space is luxurious, comfortable and elegantly designed to maximize space and let passengers forget they are on a train: hot and cold water: enjoy as needed, toilet roll holder and cupboard: Located in a convenient, accessible and discreet place, safety handles, towel rail suitable for holding towels of all sizes, lights and sockets next to the mirror: Ideal for shaving or a hair dryer

The Tolga is a unique set of wheels for the Moscow - Berlin train connection, introducing luxury, comfort and modern design with flexibility and options, options, options. Coach seating is spacious and comfortable and the 1st class coach seating is it's claim to fame. Those seeking a comfortable ride with luxurious amenities or a basic economic ride with space and comfort levels higher than the average coach, the Tolga will be able to satisfy. If you have questions or would like to make a reservation our specialists at Russian Trains are ready to help.

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