Schedule changes for Alstom departures during Christmas

On the route from Helsinki to St.Petersburg the following trains were cancelled:

24th of December trains AE786 (dep.15.00 - arr. 19.36) and AE788 (dep.20.00 - arr. 00.36)

25th of December trains AE782 (dep.06.12 - arr. 10.48) and AE784 (dep.10.00 - arr. 14.36)

31st of December train AE788 (dep.20.00 - arr. 00.36) 1st of January train AE782 (dep.06.12 - arr. 10.48)

On the route from St.Petersburg to Helsinki:

24th of December trains AE785 (dep.15.25 - arr. 18.01) and AE787 (dep.20.25 - arr. 23.01)

25th of December trains AE781 (dep.06.40 - arr. 09.16) and AE783 (dep.11.25 - arr. 14.01)

31st of December train AE787 (dep.20.25 - arr. 23.01) 1st of January train AE781 (dep.06.40 - arr. 09.16)

Take this information into consideration for planning your trip.