On the Right Track to Crimea

Travel to Crimea from Moscow

The recent irregularities in traveling to the Crimean peninsula are now a thing of the past. Now you can travel to Crimea from Moscow safely and conveniently by combining a Moscow-Krasnodar train and a bus ride from Krasnodar to Simferopol or Sevastopol. Learn more details below.

Your adventure starts at Moscow where you take a Ukrainian train to colorful Krasnodar in any of the 4 travel classes of your choice. It could be traditional Plazkart - the most popular class among Russian travelers, where you are in for an unforgettable travel experience as you can get dissolved in genuine Russian culture getting to know your fellow travellers, sharing stories and drinking tea from faceted cups in special metal glass-holders.


You can choose to take the 2nd class Kupe, a more tranquil carriage type designed to provide you with maximum comfort and the right atmosphere to delight in the landscape from your cosy compartment. If you prefer to have the travel time to yourself for enjoying the outstanding views from the train window and a good rest - 1st class SV or 1st class LUX is the best choice for you.

Upon your arrival to Krasnodar you get on a bus (the bus station is located in the vicinity of your train), and you take off for Sevastopol or Simferopol. On the whole it will take you from 30 to 46 hours to complete your journey to breathtaking Crimea depending on your final destination. In just a few clicks you can book Ukrainian train tickets for your memorable adventure right on the RussianTrains website. Bon voyage!

You can already book train tickets online using our convenient Russian trains map search

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